Voltas 1.5 Ton [3 Star] Split AC – White (183 DZZ R-32) REview

Hi there, I am sure you’re here after reading our top 11 best Split Ac Post in India, if yes, then in this article I am gonna give you Review of Voltas Split Ac that is top Ac in our list. I will give you complete features, details, and specifications in this post.

Detailed Review of Voltas 183 dzz

Product Design

The indoor unit comes with a dimension of 100.5 x 23 x 29.5 cms and weighs about 13.5 kg and the outdoor unit comes with a dimension of 84 x 54 x 30 cms and weighs about 48 kg. The connecting pipes are made up of copper and it comes with a length of 3 m.

The body of this air conditioner is made up of plastic material. To facilitate the turbulent airflow the copper tubes are inner grooved.

The fins in the indoor unit of the air conditioners are made up of blue hydrophilic aluminum which reduces the temperature of the air circulating inside the room by blowing it over the cool evaporator or the vaporizer coils.

The auto air swing flaps the air horizontally or louvers the air vertically at your preferred level.

How to Install Split Ac (9 Steps & Important Guidelines)

Features you Gonna love

1. High ambient cooling: The 1.5 ton Voltas Air Conditioner keeps you cool during heavy summers with its condenser coil which is made up of 100% copper. It can provide a cooling environment inside your room even in scorching 50 degrees celsius.

2. Active dehumidifier: This split AC can remove both heats as well as humidity because of the refrigerant. This Active dehumidifying function lowers the temperature by reducing the humidity in a room. This function is will be very useful during the rainy season as the humidity inside the room is high.

3. Instant cooling: The instant cooling is provided by the turbo mode by cooling your room in a short span of time. The Turbo mode on the AC makes the fan operate at maximum speed thus activating fast cooling in a limited time.

4. Sleep mode: Ensuring your uninterrupted sleep, this Voltas 1.5 ton split ac can maintain a comfortable temperature by eliminating the excess cooling thereby power consumption. This sleep mode automatically regulates the environment around you automatically for the entire night time. So that you don’t need to get up in the middle of a night to adjust the AC.

5. Self-diagnosis: The air conditioner has the ability to reset itself when there is an abnormality or an error occurred in the functionality of the equipment automatically ensuring smooth operation. This Self Diagnosis mode in the air conditioner allows the AC to perform a self-check by itself.

6. 4 stages of filtration: It is a basic function of any air conditioners to clean the air which circulates through the heating and cooling system. The Filters have the ability to trap and hold particulate matter and contaminants which could possibly affect your health and provide discomfort. The contaminants may include dust and dirt or pollen or mold and mold spores.

7. Dual display: This dual display shows you the current temperature of the room and the actual temperature of the room at a time.

8. Glowlight buttons: The AC remote is built with I-Feel Technology and the sensors in the remote depict the actual temperature inside the room. The remote buttons glow in the dark so that you can use it easily even in at night times.

9. Lock button: You can lock your current setting of the air conditioner using the Lock button provided in AC remote. So that you can prevent yourself from changing it accidentally. To unlock the same just press the Lock button in the AC remote again.

Product features in a nutshell

Capacity1.5 Tons
Energy Efficiency3 Stars
Noise Level43 dB
Special FeaturesAntibacterial_coating, Dust_filte
Control ConsoleRemote Control
Voltage230 Volts
Annual Energy Consumption1128.65 Kilowatt Hours
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Some More Features

Advanced filters

The anti-dust filter removes all allergens and the dust while circulating the cool air. This also has an anti-bacterial filter with silver ions which promises us to remove 99% of bacteria.

The catechin filter in this air conditioner can eliminate carcinogenic agents from the surrounding air. It also has the Acaro Bacterium Filter which captures ticks and mites.

With the antiseptic properties, these filters can kill unwanted microorganisms and maintain a hygienic and healthy environment. The Anti Fungal filter prevents any lodging of any type of fungus inside your equipment.

Condenser coils

The heat transfer takes place in the coils. So it is important to have coils built by metals which has a high heat transfer coefficient. The 100% copper coil makes sure that it lasts for several years. The copper condenser coils are better in cooling and also it requires only low maintenance.


The noise level during the operation of the product is reported as 43 dB. It can work with a power input of 230 Volts. This 1.5 ton AC has a cooling capacity of 5150 W.It consumes a power of 1450 Watts.

Compressor Coil

The compressor plays an important role in the HVAC cycle which keeps the continuous flow of the refrigerant. This product uses a high EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) Rotary compressor which can operate with less heat and vibrations.

Power Consumption

The Energy Rating for this product is reported as 3 Star. Its dehumidification function uses lower energy and saves power. It consumes a power of 1450 Watts.

The Refrigerant

The refrigerant plays a vital role in the cooling cycle. This product uses a refrigerant of type R-32. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant and accounts to zero percent in ozone depletion and global warming.


You get a warranty of 1 year on both product and condenser and a 5 years warranty on the compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly the star rating denotes?

The star ratings refer to energy efficiency. Higher the number of stars lesser will be the power consumption.

Copper or aluminum condenser, which one is best?

Obviously it’s copper. It has more heat-conducting capacity than aluminum.

How much the IDU and ODU weigh?

The indoor unit comes with a dimension of 100.5 x 23 x 29.5 cms and weighs about 11kg and the outdoor unit comes with a dimension of 84 x 54 x 30 cms and weighs about 37.5 kgs.

How much noise does it produce during operation?

The noise level during the operation of the product is reported as 43 dB.

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