Top 8 Best-Rated Steam Iron in India 2021 (Buying Guide & Review)

Hey there, are you looking for Iron Steam in India? 

are you confused with which types of Iron you should buy?

Do you want any branded best steam iron that comes under your budget?

This article will guide you to buy the best steam iron available on the market under your budget, which one would be best for you. Here is a quick brief of all the Steam Irons:

ProductPowerSoleplateWarrantyCheck Now
1. Philips GC19051440 WAluminium2 years
2. INALSA Steam Iron2000WTitanium1 year
3. Philips GC19031440 WTitanium1 year
4. Morphy Richards2000WTitanium2 Years
5. Usha SI 37131250WTeflon1 Year
6. Flipkart SmartBuy1250WAluminium1 year
7. Bajaj MX35N2000WAluminium2 years
8. Philips EasySpeed1200WAluminium1 year

The steaming irons, in which you can throw wrinkled clothing and return to freshly pressed garments. Our experts have cleared looked our 74 different steam irons and made list of 8 best ones.

Based on customer reviews, durability, power, soleplate, water tanks, and ratings we have sorted a list of steam irons. Thus simplified your process to select a suitable product across the market.

Top 8 Best Steam Irons in India 2021 (Most are Under 2,000)

It’s really important that you should buy the Steam Iron that suits you and your clothes. So, Make sure you read short and quick Buying Guide and some helpful tips below this list. That would help you to buy the best pick for you.

1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

(Overall Best Budget Steam Iron in India)

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 1440 watts
  • Steam Brust & Variable Steam Settings
  • With Spray

Philips is one of the leading home appliance manufacturers in India. Their Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron is definitely up to their normal standards. Probably the cheapest among and best steam iron available in India.

Product Build

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron is a lightweight steam iron that weighs 1.06 kg which is easy to use.

The soleplate, ie the part which comes into contact with the fabric is made up of aluminum and linished to glide easily. But it is not completely devoid of scratches.

Steaming Capacity

It comes with a variable steam setting which helps you to adjust the steam output according to your fabric material. It has a continuous steam output capacity up to 17 g/min with a steam burst option.

Power Consumption

The Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron consumes about 1440w which is pretty high but on the other hand, it is most efficient among the other products. It is operated by the power input of 240V and comes with a 1.8 m length power cord.

Product Dimensions 11.5 x 26.1 x 13.6 cm ; 1.06 Kg
Power 1440 watts
Soleplate Aluminium
Warranty 2 years
Other Features Self-clean

Title Here


  • Highly efficient
  • Easily cleanable
  • Steam Bursts


  • High power consumption
  • Soleplate is not devoid of scratches

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2. INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium-2000W

(Best Runner up Product)

INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium-2000W

  • Anti-drip & Anti-Calc
  • Auto Steam Control
  • 22g/min Continuous Steam,
  • 0.8g per Shot Steam Burst
  • Titanium Soleplate

Inalsa has been extending its territory over the years all over the world. They are catching up on the market in some countries like India with their product quality. I really like the design of this iron press, it’s gorgeous.

Steaming technology

This product comes with a dynamic quick steam technology that works with the power of 2000w that provides you with wrinkle-free garments.

With the rapid, even heat technology which provides heating at all regions evenly and perfectly positioned holes make it work very smoothly.

Titanium Soleplate

The INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium-2000W provides you Powerful continuous steam of 22g/min and a steam burst of about 0.8 g /shot to get rid of wrinkles in your garments.

The Titanium soleplate with precisely placed steam holes and the precision tip provides you with the corrosion-resistant surface and high heat conductivity.

Product Dimensions 30 x 12.8 x 14.5 cm ; 1.3 Kg
Power 2000w
Soleplate Titanium
Warranty 1 years
Other Features Anti-drip, Anti-calc

Title Here


  • Titanium soleplate
  • Anti-drip technology
  • Anti-calc technology


  • High power consumption
  • Product weight (1.3kg)

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3. Philips GC1903 1440 W Steam Iron

(Very Light Weight and Smooth)

Philips GC1903 1440 W Steam Iron

  • Steam Brust
  • Power 1440W
  • Wonderful Design

Here we go once again with another quality product from Philips which is Philips GC1903 1440 W Steam Iron that comes in an elegant white and green colour. This has to deserve the 3rd position in the best steam irons in India under Rs. 2,000.

Product design

Here, instead of a push-button for steam burst, a rotatable knob is present at the top of the iron. The self-clean property removes any scales that are formed during operation. The huge filling hole makes it easier to fill/ remove water from the chamber.


It consumes a power of 1440w and provides you with a steam output of 17g/min and works with 240 volts. The linished black American heritage soleplate glides freely in the fabric.

Product Dimensions 30 x 12.8 x 14.5 cm ; 1.3 Kg
Power 1440 W
Soleplate Titanium
Warranty 1 years
Other Features Steam Burst

Title Here


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient


  • Power consumption

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4. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

(Continuous steam capacity 11gm)

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

  • 2000W of Power
  • 2 Years of Warranty
  • Large 350ml of Water Tank
  • Powerful Steam Iron

The precisely spread 46 steam holes on the soleplate provides you with a perfect blend of heat and steam for a wider range. It has a capacity of the continuous steam output of 11g/min.

The water tank is of 350 ml and situated in a position where it can be refilled easily. The Steam Iron Press comes with different features.

Product Design

It has a variable steam control and gives out 150g/min steam shots. The ceramic coated soleplate glides super smooth over the fabric. The vertical steam feature eliminates wrinkles easily.


This 2000w powerful steam iron ensures you to give wrinkleless garments in a single glide. Its sharp edge allows you to reach less accessible areas in your shirts and operates efficiently on 230v.

Product Dimensions 35.79×16.99×12.9 cm
Power 2000w
Soleplate Titanium
Warranty 2 Years
Other Features High Water Capacity

Title Here


  • Soleplate
  • Steaming efficiency


  • Water leakage

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5. Usha SI 3713 1300 W Steam Iron

(Cheapest Steam Iron among all)

Usha SI 3713 1300 W Steam Iron

  • Power cord: 1.7m
  • Steam holes: 19
  • 1 Year Warranty

Usha is a well known and popular manufacturer of home appliances in India. if you are wishing to get a lightweight steam iron, this would be your best choice.

If you want best Steam Iron plust the cheapest one then you should go with Usha’s Steam Iron, I could say it’s the best to steam iron under 1,000.

Product Design

Usha SI 3713 comes with a soleplate made up of a non-sticky poly Teflon plate that glides perfectly on the fabric. It efficiently operates at 220v and consumes a power of 1300w. This one is super weight-less weighing only about 0.6 kg.

Steaming Technology

The steam output is about 20g/min that removes wrinkles, even the tougher ones. It has both vertical and horizontal steam burst function. The water tank capacity is 300ml and has a built-in self-clean function.

Product Dimensions 25x10x13 cm
Power 1250w
Soleplate Teflon
Warranty 1 Year
Other Features 200ml Tank capacity

Title Here


  • Non-sticky Teflon plate
  • lightweight


  • Much less efficient

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6. Flipkart SmartBuy Prima 1250 W Steam Iron

(Affordable/Best/Features Rich)

Flipkart SmartBuy Prima 1250 W Steam Iron

  • Thermal fuse is added
  • Energy efficient
  • Teflon Soleplate

This product comes with a vertical steaming feature and a 200ml capacity water tank for efficient processing. The only reason it’s at 6th position is it is from Flipkart SmartBuy Brand, which is quite a not trusted steam irons brand.

Product Design

This light-weighted steam iron has a non-stick coated Teflon with steam vents as soleplate which ensures easy gliding across your garments. The steam-burst feature gets rid of all creases on your garments

Special Features

The anti-spill inlet cap prevents the water spillage. And there is a special indicator light that automatically turns off when the steam iron reaches the particular temperature. For a further safety measure, a thermal fuse is added.


The product operates efficiently on 230v and consumes a power of 1250w that provides uniform heat all around the soleplate for effective ironing. The thermostatic control is adjustable. It comes with a power cord of 1.8m.

Product Dimensions 30x12x15 cm
Power 1250w
Soleplate Aluminium
Warranty 1 year
Other Features Indicator light

Title Here


  • Anti-spill feature
  • Energy efficient
  • Non -sticky Teflon plate


  • Water tank capacity

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7. Bajaj MX35N 2000 Watts Steam Iron

(Best Design with Brand Value)

Bajaj MX35N 2000 Watts Steam Iron

  • 2 years Warranty
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 2000W Power

Bajaj is one of the most popular brands in India. Apart from automobiles, they manufacture some good home appliances also. If there would be a design list for best steam irons in India then this one would be at first.

Eminent features

Bajaj MX35N comes with variable steam output feature for different modes. The anti-scale technology eliminates the clogging of pores during operation. The anti-drip technology prevents any water spillage. The steam burst removes even hard creases.

Product makes

It consumes about 2000w power and has a 210ml water comes with a 360-degree swivel cord which ensures a longer lifetime. The warranty is about 2 years for the product.

Product Dimensions 30x12x15 cm
Power 2000w
Soleplate Aluminium
Warranty 2 years
Other Features Anti-drip technology

Title Here


  • Anti-drip technology
  • Anti-scale technology


  • Not so smooth

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8. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

(Best Non-Stick Soleplate)

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

  • Water capacity: 270 ml
  • compatible with 15 amp
  • drip-stop system

Once again we run into Philips. No doubt, they are leading the market for appliances in India with their standards. If you have budget of more than 2,000 then without any second thought, go with this steam iron.

It has all the features that one good steam iron should have but the only thing is out of my budget, it has to be at 1st if it would be cheaper.

Product design

Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2040(2100w) comes with a huge tank capacity of 270ml which is absolutely suited for much larger garments and a drip-stop system. It has a steam boost feature which increases the output of the boost when required.

With the triple precision tip, you can easily remove wrinkle on the parts of the garments which are not easily accessible.


This product operates on 2100w and requires a power input of 230 w. The continuous steam output is about 30g/min. The self – clean solution removes all the scales that formed.

Product Dimensions 1.4×3.2×1.5
Power 1200w
Soleplate Aluminium
Warranty 1 year
Other Features drip-stop

Title Here


  • Water capacity
  • Steam boost feature


  • There is no steam controlling feature

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How to Buy Perfect Steam Iron for you: Buyer’s Guide

It’s really important that you should buy only that steam Iron which you actually need, and for that, you must know some important things about Iron. Here we’re gonna discuss that only:

Type of Irons

Dry Irons

dry iron in iron buying guide

Dry Irons are widely used in Irons in the country, they are generally lightweight, and easy to use. Cheaper than steam irons, the reason because it is now old technology, steam Irons are better than dry Irons. And you also have to sprinkle a little bit of water to get the best practice.

Title Here


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Iron most of fabric and other clothes
  • Cheaper than Steam Iron
  • Don’t leave any stains on clothes


  • No Spray or steam
  • Useless for stubborn wrinkles
  • No other Features or modes
  • Less Saftey

Steam Irons

steam iron in Buying guide

Steam Irons are a modern style of Irons, easy to use, comes with spray and sprinkle water and Spray(Steam). The Water Tube inside will help you spray water and this results in better press as moisture helps the fabric to settle down easily and you get good pressed clothes.

Not only this but you’ll also get many different features like automatically turn off, Self-cleaning, Safer than dry, overheat protection and many more.

Title Here


  • Effective crease removal
  • Vertical ironing is an option
  • You can use on furniture, curtains and upholstery.
  • Quickly and easily remove wrinkles.
  • More powerful than Dry Iron
  • Spray and Sprinkle Option


  • Little Heavy
  • Sometimes leave mark on Clothes

Portable Irons

portable Iron in Buying Guide

If you’re usually traveling around and you’re worried about wrinkles on your dresses, then Portable Irons would be the best choice. Since you can’t take Steam or Dry Irons with you then Portable Irons would be the best choice. They are lighter, compact, easy to carry, and comes with both types of steam and dry.

Which one is better Dry Iron or Steam Iron?

Dry Irons are typical old-style Irons and Steam Irons are Modern irons. Now days, every Fabrick requires a steam and water to sprinkle in, this is why Steam Irons does the best. There are some clothes that steam Irons is not capable of pressing, then you can use Dry Irons:

dry iron vs Steam Iron

Type of Soleplate

type of soleplates

Aluminum soleplate

Aluminum Soleplates are easily get heated but they also get stracthes easily(but only if you use it regularly). The problems like sticking and rugged surfaces could appear after some years of usage.

Ceramic soleplate

Ceramic Soleplates is my best one, as they are more durable and heat up clothes from every corner. They are best for fabrics and light weight so, you can press easily.


Titanium Soleplate is one of the most Used and modern Soleplate. It is corrosion-resistant, heat up easily, and transfers heat to all sides of fabric. Probably the best Soleplate for irons.

Stainless steel soleplate

If you want durable, corrosion-free and scratch-resistant then Stainless Stell Soleplate would be best, and they are good for long run.

Non-stick soleplate

As the name sugges, Non-Stick Soleplates helps you get over with sticking problem while pressing.

Soleplate is like a heart of steam Iron, choosing the right one is important. The first thing you should keep in mind is wider soleplate with thin and tampered head, so to press every corner of fabric easily and quickly. There are 4 types of Soleplates:

Design and Build

Design and Build is in such a way that it should be not only good for you to use but also be good for the cloth to get pressed properly. The build should be mix of plastic and Metal. Check for handle size, is big enough to fit in your hands and also soleplate size.

Steam iron technology or Steam vents

These modern steaming irons offer features that simplify the process of ironing and make it safer. As the name goes by, it takes water as input and has the ability to steam it. With this, you can remove wrinkles hard jeans as well as soft fabrics such as wool and cotton easily.

Don’t worry about this feature, since all the Steam Irons in the list above have good steam vents technology.


More the power lesser will the time is taken to heat the soleplate of the iron. It is as simple as that in general, all the irons come in the range of 500W – 1500w. A 1000w iron would be enough for daily use.

Water Tanks filling

Make sure that steam Iron has enough storage to fill water tanks and also easily you can in and out the water. No matter which types you have, it’s removable water tanks, or refill water tanks, but it should have one.


It is nothing but the face of the iron. It is the part that comes in contact with the fabric. The soleplate is generally made up of stainless steel, palladium, ceramic.

Usually, aluminum coated with black finish is used as soleplate as aluminum is a good conductor of heat. And the black finish helps the iron to glide better across the fabric.

Weight and Temperature Control

The lightweight irons are easy to use and heavy iron takes less time to iron any type of cloth. Also, keep in mind Dry Irons are heavy than Steam Irons.

Temperature control is another important facture, it must have that mode from where you can adjust the temperature to lower or more.


The most Common factor that most people forget is Warranty, Any good Steam Iron Brand must have at least 6 months of warranty. But make sure your steam Iron should’ve Warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

What all things should I keep in mind?

Make sure it has enough water capacity, also make sure that it doesn't consume much power around 1500W is fine.

What is Soleplate?

Solepalte is part below the steam iron which ensures that it doesn't get a stick and gives you wrinkle-free iron.

is there Warranty with Product?

Yes, all the products in this list have 1 or 2 years warranty and its important to have a Warranty.

is steam Iron Safe for us and Clothes?

Speaking about clothes then its 100% safe to use for clothes, but make sure you don't touch the soleplate and read the manual before use.

does weight matters in steam Iron?

Well, weight doesn't that much matter, so, don't worry about weight, you can choose any.

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