Expert’s End Review of Sony HT-RT40 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tallboy

This unique soundbar is made up of four parts and offers you six channels or 5.1 sound to be precise.

This home theater solution combines the convenience of a classic soundbar with the cinematic qualities of a home cinema 5.1 system.

Sony HT-RT40 Complete Expert’s End Review

Sony is well known for its performance and quality. They are innovative and include all the possible technologies in their products to make the user feel its utmost signature pleasure.

They never failed to impart their high-class in their products and also in this HT-RT40 soundbar.

Product Feature in Nutshell

Product Dimensions 113 x 30.5 x 31.5 cm; 14.3 Kilograms
Item model number HT-RT40
Audio Output Mode Surround
Speakers Nominal Output Power 100 Watts
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration 5.1_channel
Speaker Connectivity Bluetooth, NFC, USB, Optical,HDMI
Audio Wattage 600 Watts
Connector Type Bluetooth, NFC
Mounting Type Floor Standing
Item Weight 14 kg 300 g

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The basic setup

The centrally located soundbar provides left right and center channels.

This three-channel soundbar is complemented with one subwoofer and two individual tallboy speakers and those back speakers only require a wire for power.

This makes it incredibly easy to set up without any mess.

Dolby digital surround sound

Sony HT-RT40

As far as sound quality is concerned, this sony’s soundbar is really pretty impressive for a budget system.

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It measures about 113 x 30.5 x 31.5 cm which makes it small enough to put under a 40-inch set, but still works great under larger TVs too. And Sony’s kept a pretty basic layout with this one.


The little subwoofer is also surprisingly powerful with deeper bass extension than other systems. The real strength is that it delivers excellent sound quality and a flexible design that should work in just about any living room.

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Single touch Bluetooth streaming

There’s an HDMI input with an audio return channel plus an optical input and Bluetooth, but that’s really it.

Now, Bluetooth, as you may or may not know, not only lets you listen to music from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly but, you can also connect compatible TVs wirelessly as well, which takes away the hassle of trying to hide another audio cable.

Compatible with Music center app

This app allows you to stream your favorite music offline/online with deliberate sound quality.

Multiple inputs

You’ll find just three inputs: optical HDMI and USB. That’s not much but that’s because Sony intends you to connect all your devices to your TV first then connect your TV’s optical output to the soundbar.

It’s a simpler setup overall as long as your TV has enough HDMI inputs for all your gear.

Night mode

There’s also a night mode option to make things clearer at lower volumes and a voice mode to enhance dialog.

User-friendly remote control

You also get a basic remote that has controls for all the options. There’s your standard power, volume, and subwoofer controls, but you also have these audio control buttons that are calibrated to different styles of sound.

There are cinema, music, news, games, standard, and sports. Or you can choose Auto Sound and let the soundbar determine which setting works best for your content.

Final verdict

So this soundbar has some jaw-dropping sound and if you’re looking for a soundbar perfect for whether you’re sitting near or far and you want the simplicity of a high-quality soundbar combined with rear channels.

This Sony HT-RT40 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tallboy is definitely a go. The 5.1 channel speakers bring your living room alive with the sound of music.

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