Review of Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Bose is an audio equipment manufacturing company. Their production mainly involves headphones, home theatre systems, audio products, and automobile sound systems.

Bose’s trademark itself has a humongous market worldwide.

Why do we need a soundbar?


Nowadays, the TV’s becoming thinner and thinner as there are significant updates in the technology. There is not enough room to mount heavy speakers which are now generally replaced by external speaker installations.

Even Though, the speaker systems can be hectic because of its necessity to drill holes on the wall and a whopping lot of wire connections. Here comes our single piece of equipment, the soundbar.

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It is evident that it can deliver the same output as the nominal home theater system. It takes one or two-wire connections and this single piece of equipment can fit into anything as it is super small when compared to the whole home theatre system.

Product features in a nutshell

Compatible Devices TV, Mobile (IOS, Android, others), Tablets, Laptops, and all Bluetooth devices
Special Features Remote Control
Mounting Hardware Speaker, Power supply and cable, Remote Optical digital audio cable
Speaker Connectivity Wired, wifi, Bluetooth
Item Weight 1 kg 680 g

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Sound quality

Experience the ultimate sound experience with this single piece of the soundbar. It can reproduce every small detail that is present in the output.

The dialogue mode in this soundbar helps you to hear conversations very clearly.

Product build

Product build

The sleek design in the soundbar allows you to place it anywhere you want. It is also wall-mountable.It has a dimensions of 8.64 cm x 54.61 cm x 7.11 cm.

This soundbar weighs about 1.6 kilograms.

There are some LED lights in the front panel of the soundbar that indicates the current activity of the soundbar.

It can notify you about the Bluetooth status connectivity and the current mode of the soundbar.

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Easy setup

As there are fewer wire connections, you can easily set up this soundbar.

Just connect the power cable and desired connectivity cable with your Television and boom! you just finished the setup.

Multiple connectivities

It has an inbuilt Bluetooth module of version 2.1. Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to music from your devices wirelessly.

Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect AUX cables, optical input, and coaxial cables.

It can connect to the devices via Bluetooth up to 30ft or 9meters. You can also connect a 3.5 mm stereo cable into the AUX connector.

Through this, you can listen to music through your headphones.

Universal remote

The universal remote control which is included in the package can be used to command your soundbar.

You are allowed to decrease or increase the bass with a single touch of a button on the remote.


This soundbar turns off automatically when not in use after 60 minutes. And once when it receives the signal, it automatically turns on.

Final verdict

This soundbar promises you to deliver the high-quality sound that your TV cant produces with its inbuilt speakers. This soundbar comes with a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.

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