Massage Chair vs Real Massage – Which is better?

When buying a massage chair, an obvious question that comes to our mind is which is good, massage chair, or real massage from a therapist?

So to answer this question, we have curated the difference between massage chair and real massage to help you know which one gives you better results. So let’s dive in:

Factors Involving in Comparision

We have made this answer based on four characters which are human touch, convenience, capability, and at last cost involved.

Human touch

human touch

Obviously, it can be delivered only by a Real massage from a therapist. No massage chair or any massage technology can give you the human touch, while an experienced therapist can give you a perfect massage and can leave you feeling weightless.

One main advantage of real massage is this ability of human therapists to give that human touch with the best possible massage.

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Even though a massage chair is equipped with many technologies and features it can’t replicate the feeling of a massage got done by a therapist.

So, if you don’t want to miss that feeling, then massage chairs are not your spoon of tea. So think before buying.

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This could be one of the advantages of massage Chairs over real massage. When the word convenience along with massage comes to my mind, I can only think of a massage chair.

If you want to get a massage from therapists, first you have to make an appointment which may or may not suit your schedule, then you have to take time and drive to the therapist, wait for your appointment and if it doesn’t suit your schedule, you may have to rearrange your day.

But if it’s a massage chair, then all these problems will be no more. It can be used anytime. You don’t have to worry about all the above-mentioned stuff, you can get a massage at any time for any duration according to your convenience.

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Both massage chairs and real massage are capable of doing the best massage possible with available features.

The massage chairs can be selected based on our requirements and features that suit it and then we will have to use only those features.

But when it comes to therapists, you can make appointments based on requirements even though it’s varying.

So you will have more versatility and flexibility depending on the requirement with the therapist before you make appointments, but after starting the massage, you can’t change.

But in massage chairs, you can change and adjust the features while massaging, but you should be careful when buying and should know the versatility of chairs.


Even though the cost of the massage chair is fixed but they of real massage depend on the frequency, duration, and quality of massage you are willing to get.

So, massage chairs is like a costly investment that can seem cheaper in long term than that of a real massage. But real massage from an experienced therapist may lead to enjoying the massage and getting used to it.

So it may seem that it is cheap and worth every penny you spend, in long run, it can be a costly affair. So think and choose the best one for you.

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Final Words

So, in the end, it is you who will be choosing the best. So if you can have a massage from the therapist keeping up with schedules, you can afford it in long run then real massage will be good.

But if you want to keep it in the long run and can’t cope with appointments and will prefer convenience than massage chairs would be best. So choose wisely and have a good massage.

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