How to Clean & Maintain Gas Stove Efficiently

In urban cities, you will see most homes are using a gas stove. You will see in every middle class and rich people does have a gas stove where they can cook their meals. If you the one who uses a gas stove for many days and doesn’t know how you can take care of that stove or how you can maintain it, this article is for you.

In this article, I will list some tips, how you can clean or maintain your gas stove.

1. Wipe it Daily, Scrub it weekly, and clean it every month

Everyone cleans their home and clothes every day, they know how you can clean it, just like that we have a gas stove. When you are done cooking your food for your homies wipe it from a normal wet towel every day so that at least the dust and dirt you may have spill will have less stain. Try to scrub the steel plate you have on the gas stove every week.

It can happen that while you are cooking you will spill some food or anything over there, so to avoid hard stains try to scrub it weekly it will take a minimum time of yours. And also try to take out the stove and clean it hard as much as you can every month to avoid a permanent stain.

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2. Scrub down the surface

The dirtiest part of a gas stove is underneath the surface, it is really hard to clean that surface. Under the grate, you will find a huge drip pan that holds all the spills and crumbs. That part is very important to wash daily as if the dirt increases, in future you may face a big problem.

3. Keep the burner channels clean

The burner channels must remain clean when you are buying a gas stove you should take care of channels. Take out the burner cap and then flip the burner upside down you will see a tiny maze of metal channels. If you will not clean the channel properly it will get clogged and cooking will get difficult for you.

Never clean a burner channel with a kebab stick, toothpick, or any material like that, it will give the risk of wood breaking. You can clean the burner channel with a pipe cleaner or straw cleaner which will help to clean all small metal channels without having any problem.

4. Use vinegar and dish soap as your cleaning solutions

If you are cleaning your gas stove always use vinegar and dish soap. Vinegar is non-toxic acid and dish soap is a medium-strength base. If you use it together it will vanish almost everything that is there on your gas stove.

While washing use hot water to clean the stove, this will also help to remove the stain you may spill on the gas stove. Clean it at least once a week to avoid permanent stains and dirt.

5. Never pour water onto the gas stove

While cleaning the gas stove on the lower areas NEVER put water on the cooktop. If by any chance you put water on the gas cooktop, it will get into the burner, the gas line and cause electrical problems as well.

Speaking for all, there are many products like this where you should not put water in because it will cause heavy damage or electrical problems.

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6. Soak and scrub the grate once a month

If you have a gas stove with a grate or multiple grates then always start with a soak. Here I will say you stepwise how to clean the grates properly:

  • Fill your sink with soapy and hot water and take the grate and keep it on the sink for more than 30 minutes. 
  • Clean the rest of the stove 
  • Flip the grates and keep them there for a while. 
  • After 40-45 minutes when the grates are soaked use a scrubbing sponge and light abrasive powder to remove all the stains  

Follow these simple rules to keep you safer and reduce unnecessary damages or early wear:

  • Try to avoid excess of water when you are cleaning the knobs 
  • Do not use a toothpick, kebab stick, or cocktail stick to clean the burner holes. 
  • Never use harsh cleaning products on the knobs 
  • Never use steel wool or abrasives which will scratch your stove. 

Final Words

Everything needs to be maintained well, just like that you have to maintain your gas stove well. Here in this article, I have given you the knowledge that how you can clean your gas stove without facing any difficulties, what you can use while cleaning and what you cannot if you will read it properly your stove will be clean and maintained well.

Last and final advice, I will recommend that you should clean your gas stove normally with wet clothes every day, so you will not find too much stain while you are washing it with scrub.

Washing every day will help to reduce many damages and the need for repair. If you have another way as well, which you use on your home every day to clean your gas stove then share such tips with us as well in the comment section.

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