LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Review

Today, I am here with you guys one of the best Double Door Refrigerators, LG 260L and give you my review on this Refrigerator. I hope you already read our post of the top 11 best refrigerators in India.

This double dopriceunder.in/best-refrigerator-in-india-under/or refrigerator is given a 3-star energy rating. The auto defrosts feature in this refrigerator makes it as frost-free and prevents ice build-up. It comes with a capacity of 260 L, which is more than enough for a family of 2-3 members.

It includes 177L of fresh food capacity and 75L of freezer capacity. It can work without a stabilizer. The inner compartment is provided with 3 shelves of type toughened glass.


Brand LG
Energy Efficiency 3 Star Rating
Capacity 260 Liters
Annual Energy Consumption 194 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 177 Liters
Freezer Capacity 75 Liters
Installation Type Free-Standing
Form Factor standard_double_door
Special Features inverter, Door Lock, stabilizer free operation
Colour Stainless Steel
Defrost System Frost Free
Shelf Type Glass
Material Stainless Steel
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Why should you buy this refrigerator?

LG 260 L

Direct Cool Technology

When the power goes off, this powerful technology connects your refrigerator with your home invertor. To use this feature, your refrigerator should already be connected with the UPS or the home inverter which has at least 600 VA capacity and 120Ah battery capacity.

Even though it works on the basic energy requirement, When connected to the inverter, the efficiency of the refrigerator depends upon the number of appliances connected to the inverter. It is advised to turn off the other appliances when the refrigerator is running in the smart connect mode.



The Deodorizer ensures to remove the unpleasant odor from your food items. It is a harmless method as it is performed by using a catalyst.

The Deodorizer is perfectly situated in the path in which circulating cooling air flows. You can remove the Deodorizer and clean it using a hairdryer.

Ice Beam Cooling

It is a new feature in refrigerators that ensures even cooling throughout the refrigerator and door as well. The door of the refrigerator is provided with cool air vents that improve the efficiency of about 35% and offers even cooling in every nook and corner of the refrigerator.

Smart Invertor Compressor

The smart inverter compressor is nothing but a compressor with an inverter that can adjust speed to maintain the required optimum temperature. It is a highly energy-efficient compressor in the market as it has the ability to adjust the running speed according to the amount of food stored in the refrigerator.

It efficiently decreases the noise and internal friction, thus saving a lot more energy. This compressor comes with a warranty of 10 years. These compressors can work efficiently without a stablizer and produce 30% lesser vibrations and noise when compared to the other compressors.

Smart Diagnosis Feature

review of lg 260L

This feature allows you to get a precise diagnosis when there is an error in the functionality of the refrigerator. Different models have different modes to activate the smart diagnosis feature.

After connecting to the respective LG service center you should place the microphone of your phone nearer to the speaker of the refrigerator till you hear a buzzer. The data will be transmitted to the respective service center and you will be provided with the proper diagnosis.

Additional Features

It is given a 3-star energy rating. The door alarm goes on if the door of the refrigerator kept open for more than a minute. It prevents you from loss of cooling. The freezer compartment comes with a Egg-cum-Ice Tray.

It can be used to store eggs or even to make ice cubes. The dura chill and ultra-cool features in this refrigerator help you to maintain the cooling in the freezer compartment even when the power goes off.

The cell fresh crisper retains moisture for a longer period of time to maintain the freshness of your vegetables stored in the refrigerator and prevents them from rotting. There is a humidity controller that maintains the humidity in the vegetable box. The door of the refrigerator is capable of storing 2L water bottles.


This product comes with a 1-year warranty on the product which includes each and every component of the refrigerator except for some loose plastic parts. The compressor gets an additional warranty for 9 years, in such case, you may be charged for refilling the gas in the compressor.

Is Price worth buying this?

If your family consists of 2-3 members, you can definitely go for this product. The brilliant features such as smart inverter compressor for efficient cooling and power saving, Smart diagnosis feature for immediate remedy, odorless compartments with deodorizer, etc make it a compatible product in the market.

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