JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Car Co-Axial Speaker Review – Features

If you’re looking for the best car speakers for your car in India then you probably have heard of JBL GTO629 which is branded GTO Speaker.

The price of this speaker is quite high, so, people always seek for an honest review. After using it for 2 weeks by one user, Price under is here to give you his reviews about this wonderful speaker.

So, here is a detailed review of JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Car Coaxial Review and details about everything you need to know before you buy it.

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Little Intro

Most GTO speakers feature tweeter attenuation that lets you select between 0 and plus 3 decibels for greater emphasis on the high frequencies.

The GTO speakers, all feature a one-inch edge-driven fabric dome tweeter that is soft enough for comfortable listening, yet rigid enough to articulate high frequencies up to 2100 Hertz.

The GTO series speakers are available in most standard sizes and in coaxial or component configurations.

JBL GTO629 – A set of 2 Breif Features

JBL GTO629 Premium box image

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The JBL GTO629 is a 2-way mid tweeter type speakers with high fidelity. These conventional coaxial speakers with an effective dome of six-inch mid-range and a one-inch tweeter are the perfect replacement for an auto or audio enthusiast.

It modifies the entire driving experience. It has a longer lifetime and can be easily installed with simple DIY steps.

These speakers can withstand any challenging environments and conditions as it comes in suitable industry sizes and engineered as an innovative line of coaxial speakers.

Plus one cone technology

They deliver more bass by moving air through the larger carbon injected plus one cone.

It has a mounting cutout diameter of 5-1/16 inches whereas the mounting depth is about 2 inches an external diametre is about 6-1/4 inches.

A modified parabolic shaped cone with nitrile rubber surrounds incorporating JBL’s patented plus 1 cone technology for greater output.

These speakers feature a poly injected cone material that is lightweight yet stiff. So you can clearly hear all the dynamics in your music collection.

The plus one cone technology maximizes the cone surface area for an even greater sound output without additional power. This is something I loved about this JBL GTO Series Review.

Unipivot Tweeter

The tweeter is a patented unipiviot tweeter. These speakers are equipped with unipivot tweeter.

These can be easily altered towards personal listening preference. The system’s one-inch tweeter uses a high-energy neodymium magnet.

The angle mounted tweeter can be rotated almost 360 degrees by a JBL’s uni pivot system to improve the aim and focus of the tweeters.

Accurate Design

JBL GTO629 Premium review

The unpivot design directs the sound towards a listener for better imaging using patented technology.

The nicely done, solidly mounted, color-keyed spade terminals make the connections easy, I loved this in this JBL GTO629 Review.

Defined by a bright open quality JBL builds in a unit pivot design that enables you to aim the tweeter sound more directly at your ears giving you a more accurate soundstage.


These speakers have a 3-ohm impedance rating allowing them to maximize the power, they receive from the car stereo or amplifier.

Power ratings

The system is rated for 60 watts of continuous power or about 180 watts peak. Thanks to cleverly designed steel mounting adapter rings.

The edged dome design with ferrofluid cooling for improved power handling and reliability.

With an amplifier or a head-unit, it is engineered to deliver strong sound. The suggested amplifier power range is about 25-180 watts.

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  1. The GTO 629s can be mounted in a variety of hole sizes from 6 inches to 6 and 3/4 inches depth required for mounting.
  2. The scant is about 2 inches so these speakers will fit in virtually any door.
  3. If you prefer to surface mount the speakers on top of your door panel, you’ll be happy to know that a very nice set of grilles are included, as is all the required mounting hardware.


  • Equency response of about 21kHz
  • High sensitivity ([email protected]/1m)
  • Unipivot and adjustable tweeter level
  • Edge-driven, soft-dome tweeter diaphragms
  • Speaker grilles and adapter mounting rings included
  • True 4-ohm technology
  • Vented magnet assemblies


  • It comes with specific dimensions of holes, so it doesn’t suit every model of the car.

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Final Verdict

They have a wide range of power handling capabilities so you can easily power them off a stereo receiver or an external amp.

So if you’re looking for a great sounding speaker that’s going to be compatible with your car’s current audio system, the JBL GTO629 speakers are the ones for you.

The audiophiles who are updating or replacing their speakers can be assured that the GTO series has a fit for every requirement it expands the diaphragm area of the cone to give you better low-frequency response edge-driven soft own tweeters ensure a rich experience in the upper frequencies.

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