Different Types of Headphones [Headphones Buying Guide]

It is a difficult task to select your daily companion ie, earphones in a huge market which also features different specifications and different models.

There are different models such as over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, wired, wireless, and Bluetooth. So before getting in, let us know about some specifications.

Before buying a headphone you should consider certain things such as whether you need the absolute quality output or you just need it while you are traveling or any media or gaming works. 


Drivers are the part of the headphone that actually makes the sound. It actually creates the waves that allow you to hear things.

Drivers can range in size. It may have driver sizes of between 6 and 12 millimeters in others like a hundred and six millimeters in size.

The driver size isn’t a very useful metric for working out how good a headphone is, what’s more, useful is working on what kind of drivers you have than whether it’s dynamic or electrostatic.

Noise cancellation

When it comes to removing background noise there are two terms – sound isolation and noise cancellation.

When you’re on the go depending on how loud your environment is or how much you travel, that might matter more or less to you if you travel.

If you’re someone who talks on the phone a lot or someone or who likes using a voice assistant on your phone, consider buying a pair of headphones with an inline mic.

If you’re more active than most, we highly recommend you get a pair of headphones with an IPX rating that means that they’re rated to be waterproof or dustproof.

With these features, your headphones are protected from any sweat and dust.

Which one to choose Wired or Wireless One?

If you go to the gym or you like the job you travel you don’t necessarily want to wire going down there all the time, of course, a wired connection promises you the better quality as the connection is established via wires.

Over-ear headphones – over the ear that just cover your ears


The size of the ear cups in Over-ear Headphones is bigger and it lets you enjoy the audio with a better sound signature and reduces the disturbances from the external environment.

As they fit better they are much more comfortable than that of on-ear headphones. The vocals are also great while listening with them.

And top of all the over-ear headphones is known for their Bass punch and soft earpads that provide cosy experience as a result you can listen longer.

They don’t compress the ears like on-ear headphones and their build quality is often good.

If you wish your music experience to be the best and professional then over the ear headphones are recommended.


  • It has comfortable ear cups which makes it easier to listen for a longer duration
  • Best Bass quality is provided by the large drivers
  • It does not induce any pressure on the ears and promises you a pleasure listening hours.
  • Best for Video editing and gaming.


  • It might cause sweating and heat.
  • It is pretty expensive.

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On-ear headphones – on-ear that compress your ears

On-ear headphones are much more compact and less expensive than over-ear headphones.

In terms of sound signature and comfortability, on-ear headphones lose the battle with over the ear but they do a decent job.

They are not preferred during workouts as you have to adjust them every single time as the earcups move away from ears.

It is because they just rest on your ear and when heavy movement occurs the sounding portion might slightly move away from the ear canal.

Anyways on-ear headphones produce greater and much more dynamic sound than that of in-ear earphones. They are often available in the mid-budget segment.


  • With medium-sized drivers, it provides you with a moderate bass experience.
  • It is compactable while traveling.


  • Less comfortable.
  • Slightly overpriced.

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Earphones(aka in-ear headphones) fix inside your ears.

Earphones are available in numerous varieties. As they easily fit inside your pockets they are the most used and preferred.

They are the most affordable and nowadays noise cancellation features are also available with them. They mostly come along with additional ear tips and they are available either as wired or wireless.

There is a concern that they might damage your eardrums when you listen to tracks in high volume over a long period of time but still, it depends upon the usage.

Also, some brands manufacture excellent earphones that compete with over-ear headphones in terms of bass and build quality.

Earphones are most suitable during workouts, as some premium earphones are water-resistant and fit perfectly inside ears sweat and other factors don’t bother them.

The bass quality produced nowadays with earphones is also cool as said earlier they are as good as over-ear headphones but you have to pay more for such sound signatures.

The most popular earphones nowadays are earbuds or ear pods that are wireless and are very light and fit perfectly for almost everyone.

Earphones are the only options when it comes to low budget. The more features you expect from earphones the more you have to pay for better build quality and audio quality.


  • These earphones can fit inside your pockets very easily as it small in size
  • Active noise cancellation in premium earbuds
  • Most-Comfortable when you are traveling.


  • As it gets deeper into your ears, it might damage your eardrums.
  • Often they don’t last long.

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Here the term “wireless” exactly means wireless. The connection between the earphone and the smartphone is established via Bluetooth connection technology.

That’s gonna mean you’re gonna want to go for a pair of wireless headphones.

If you just want to do resistance training in the gym then over your headphones may be the wireless phone are just great. Wireless they have batteries inside and batteries they can deteriorate over time actually they will deteriorate over time.

The wireless earbuds will colour the sound by adding EQ or sweetening to emphasize certain frequencies.

The noise-canceling buds they listen in on the world around you with a tiny microphone and then they recreate a copy of that sound wave, whip it upside down, and mix it with the signal going in your ears.

If you’re getting earbuds to use while you exercise, look for sweat-resistant or even waterproof material. If you’re running or cycling you might want to look for buds with open back design.

The sound isolation earbuds put a barrier between the outside world and your ears allowing the music to funnel in while cutting down on background ambience.

Obviously these are going to be more convenient for most people who don’t have to be as worried about them falling off of your head.


  • Free of wire so that you don’t need to tangling of the wire
  • Powerful Bluetooth technology which establishes a connection between the device and earbuds
  • It provides you the better noise cancellation
  • It also features good sound isolation


  • As it is wireless it is dependent on the battery.


Wired headphones are more affordable than Wireless headphones. As the connection between the device and the earphones is established via a wire so that you don’t need to bother about the battery of life of the earphones.

If your phone supports 3.5 mm jack, you’re gonna enjoy the music with wired headphones. It is really inconvenient to have wires that keep tangled every time.

It provides quite good surprising sound quality. If you’re looking to getting at a low price point, generally speaking, in-ears wired headphones will deliver more for less point.

They are equipped with smaller speaker units, That fit closer to your eardrum. As it does not depend upon the battery, there is no much power needed.

So in general, in-ear earphones is gonna be easier to drive. It is designed with a head jack and also has a driver and a small amplifier to reproduce the sound.

These are tiny, So if you’re on the move and you want something that can fit in your pocket purse or bag, in-ear is the way to go.


  • The wired connection promises you the higher fidelity
  • As the connection between the device and the earphones is established via wired connection
  • there is no need for batteries
  • It provides you the better sound quality


  • The wire may be tangled up

Final Words

Which one to choose is something finally depends upon your requirement, if there would be one best headphone then there would be no other types. You can buy one according to your requirement.

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