Gas Stove vs Induction vs Electric: Which One is Best for You?

Everyone needs a kitchen room to cook food for their family. And when I speak of the kitchen it is obvious that inside the kitchen you will be needing a gas stove or induction or any other electric appliances to make your food delicious. So here we will discuss which of these appliances are good to use and what are their pros and cons. 

So without wasting any time let’s move on to the main topic that which of these are best for your homes or kitchen. 

Everyone knows that the cooktops available in the market are of three types, Gas Stove, Induction, and Electric. Here we are going to discuss which of them are good for you and what are their Pros and Cons.

Gas Stoves vs Induction vs Electric

Cooking on Gas

gas stove cooking

You will find this Gas stove in a much middle-class family kitchen. Rural people mainly use a gas stove in their kitchen to cook food so they don’t find any difficulty when the lights are gone. Let’s check the Pros and Cons of Gas Stove.


  1. Like I said, in rural places gas stoves are used by all because in such places there is frequent loss of connection due to weather or any other reason. So it will be easy for them to cook food even if the lights are gone.
  2. Many people use the gas stove because they are not that much educated to use induction or electric things. For example, induction gives us a feature where we have to adjust the flame by setting the temperature, which uneducated people cannot understand or handle. In a gas stove, they can see the flame and can predict whether more flame is required or not, and changing flame is very easy from knobs.
  3. If your family likes varieties of food cooking here will be more delicious, Indian food like chapatti, you can make very amazing. The food made from the gas stove is way more delicious than electric. 
  4. If we talk about the budget, a gas stove is less expensive than induction and electric because over there you will be requiring more special utensils for induction, but here you can use any utensils to cook food.


  1. When you can see the flame visible, switching the fan on the kitchen will be difficult because due to wind or air you will find that you have to light the gas again and again.
  2. If you are using a gas stove your surrounding will heat up quickly, and you will find it so hot in your kitchen. Plus, you cannot even switch on the fans and if your kitchen is air-conditioned then it will increase your cooling bills. 
  3. The most important reason is that the gas stove is very dangerous to use.

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Electric stove

electric stove

An electric stove is also called an electric range which helps people to easily cook and bake food. Electric stove becomes famous as a replacement for solid fuel stove which takes more of maintenance and labor.


  1. It is very safe for surroundings, does not create any sort of heat-up situation. 
  2. This is very economical than a gas stove and is also more energy-efficient. Many people who just shifted to any other cities and are there for a lesser period use this stove. Because it is economical and you can use it to make food for fewer people easily. 
  3. It produces less heat so you can use ceiling fans as well when you feel you are getting hot sitting in the kitchen and cooking food.


  1. You cannot use it in places where electricity frequently goes. As you have to connect the stove with connection to cooking food. 
  2. It takes time to heat food. Due to less heat, you can use a fan but it makes cooking food slowly. 
  3. It can only be used with flat utensils. So another cost just popped up. You have to buy flat utensils to cook food here. 
  4. If you are cooking a variety of foods, you cannot make it at the same time become it has only one burner. You have to wait until one food is totally finished.

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induction stove

If you are a middle-class man or rich you should buy an induction. You can here cook anything in less time. Plus, cooking here is very easy and delicious. 


  1. Induction heat faster than a gas stove or electric stove. It takes 60 seconds to boil water. So it is very fast.
  2. The most important advantage here is, induction is really safe to use. It heats up only the steel and iron elements when it comes in contact. It does not heat any other thing. So you won’t get harmed if you are buying induction.  
  3. They are really easy to maintain. You can clean induction very easily. The stain over there is not permanent you can clean it and get rid of it easily. 
  4. Heat is not wasted because once you switch off the induction its gets totally cool.


  • If you are living in rural places, this product is not for you. You will require a proper electric connection to use induction.
  • It is a bit expensive because you have to buy special utensils when you cook food in induction. 
  • It is not good if you like Indian Foods more like chapattis.
  • If the power supply is low it will automatically stop heating the food.
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