How to Effectively Clean Vacuum Cleaner (Step By Step Guide)

When you have a vacuum cleaner in your home, you must know how to clean it, to maintain its efficiency in cleaning. Cleaning a vacuum cleaner regularly can maintain its optimum functioning.

If you don’t clean it regularly, then it may clog and may not perform efficiently. So it is necessary to know how to clean a vacuum.

Cleaning a vacuum varied with the type of filter it has. So it depends on the filter whether it is washable or not.

So check your manual once before cleaning. Many vacuums have another sponge filter that can be washed. So let’s check how and when to clean the vacuum.

How often should you clean a vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners come with different dust case capacity when it is the case of bagless vacuums.

So in that case, it depends on the amount of dust you collected and once the dust case is full you should empty it.

In the case of a bagged vacuum, you can clean it when it is filled by emptying the bag. 

How to clean Vacuum Cleaner Step By Step?

Step #1

remove the bag

First, you have to unplug the vacuum after cleaning your home from the charging point.

It would be better if you can bring it outside your home to reduce dust.

If it’s bagged vacuum with disposable bags, just remove the bag and dispose of it.

If it has a dust case, disassemble it and empty the case and clean it neatly.

For easier disassembling refer to the instruction manual.

Step #2

fill a basin with water hand wash

Then fill a basin with water and add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into it.

It would be good to have warm water for cleaning.

Then completely submerge the dust case and its parts inside this cleaning mixture prepared.

Soak it for 10 minutes in the water.

Step #3

Then remove it from the water and using a sponge or cloth clean the dust case and wash it well with hot water and allow it to dry for some time.

Please note not to submerge any electrical parts and filters in water.

Step #4

type of filter your vacuum cleaner

Now to change or clean the filter, first note the type of filter your vacuum cleaner has.

Many vacuum cleaners are provided with indicators to indicate when you have to clean or replace filters.

Sponge-like filters is washable. To clean this filter, remove the filter and shake it out, followed by rinsing it under running water to remove dust.

Then rinse it gently to remove excess water and allow it to dry at least for 24 hours. You’re done, now replace the filter into the vacuum.

Step #5

remove dust from vacuum cleaner bag

Now, take a cloth and wipe down the vacuum housing and remove dust as much as possible.

If you have dust in crevices, you can use an air blower to remove the dust.

Wipe down the motor belt with a cloth to remove dust. You can check here Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Cleaner, which One should You Buy bagged or bagless.

If wires are tangled, untangle them. If there are any threads and hairs tangled on the beater bar try to cut them with scissors.

If they are too much worn out, consider replacing them.

Step #6

Now to clean the hose, detach it and submerge it in hot water or soap water for 10 minutes and then rinse it and allow it to dry.

To clean attachments take a cloth and wipe them out and look for tangled hairs, dust in brushes clean them neatly.

Step #7

Now you’re are almost done and let all the attachments dry and then reassemble them.

You can refer to the instruction manual for assembling them. That’s all, you have cleaned your vacuum effectively.

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Frequently asked questions?

How often should you clean your vacuum?

It is generally recommended to clean a vacuum once in every 6 months to year. But if you can clean it regularly, it will maintain optimum performance.

How do you clean a dirty vacuum?

You can follow the procedure mentioned above in this article to clean a dirty vacuum.

Is it OK to vacuum everyday?

Yes, but Experts recommend vacuuming once to twice a week would be good for your interior carpets and floor for their long life. But if pets are there, you can vacuum daily to remove hairs and dust.

Can you clean a vacuum with water?

Yes, you can clean a vacuum with water but you should unplug it before doing so. And also you shouldn't clean some filters with water, so check before cleaning about the type of filter your vacuum has to avoid any problems.

How do you deodorize a bagless vacuum cleaner?

While cleaning a vacuum, make a mixing solution of baking soda and water and clean the hose, dust case, and filters with this solution and rinse it. This can deodorize the vacuum cleaner.

Final Words

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