11 Best (Wet & Dry) Vacuum Cleaners in India – Buyer’s Guide

are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that not only clean dust particles but also liquid spills?

If yes, then Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the type of Vacuum Cleaners that you should buy.

As these vacuum cleaners are best for Indian houses can suck and clean dry dust particles like sand, dust, paper, etc, and liquid spills like water, juice, and any other.

When it comes to their types, there are many types ranging from regular to wet and dry to canister type and many others.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity these days because of their efficiency to clean both dry dust and wet spills. So in this article, we bring a curated list of 11 best wet and dry cleaners available in the market.

Our Experts have sorted out the list of 11 best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners 2020 in India based on features, brand, durability, capacity and other important things.

Best (Wet and Dry) Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020 Latest

We hardly recommend you to please check the Wet and Dry Buying Guide, Some Important things and Some Frequently Asked questions that you should know before you buy below this list so that you could buy the ideal Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for you.

1. Karcher WD3* EU-I/WD3* EU Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Over-All Best Wet & Dry Vaccum Cleaner)


  • Power of 1000 W
  • Capacity: 17 litre & Long cord length
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Compact and versatile
  • Item Weight 5.8 Kilograms
  • Pet Hair Collector

Karcher vacuum cleaner is a German based company’s product that has got a good market because of its features. Thus wet and dry cleaner has got long cord length(4 m) which makes it easy to use. This has to be at 1st in the best wet and dry Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020.

Blower function

It has a powerful blower that has 1000 watt power that can collect almost any type of dust and dirt easily. Its suction capacity is 200 mbar that allows it to give a good performance.

Its blower has got a good blowing function that can help to pile dust at one place and makes collecting easier. It has an impact-resistant container that makes it ideal for cleaning all types of dirt.

Energy efficiency

It consumes less energy of just 1000 watt even though giving its performance at the best. Its compactness and lightweightness give it an added advantage of easier portability.

It has also got a dust collection capacity of 17 litres which ensures the collection of large amounts of dust.


It comes with a hose of 2m length enough to reach corners, suction tubes, wet and dry floor nozzle to remove wet and dry dust respectively.

It has a cartridge filter to remove allergens from air and a paper bag for waste collection of capacity 17 liters.


  • No need to remove accessories
  • Large capacity to store all kind of dust
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximum Sound Level: 75 dB
  • Made by German Technology


  • Need for replacement of paper bags

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2. BLACK+DECKER WDBD15 15-Litre Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Another Best Pick Just as 1st Product)


  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere
  • Cleans everything
  • Wattage 1400 Watts of Suction
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Capacity: 15 L
  • 16 KPa High Suction

Black+Decker is one of the most popular brands in Vacuum Cleaners.

Black+Decker vacuum cleaner is a motion-activated rechargeable cleaner. It has good speed and quick control. This company mainly focuses on customer needs and always comes with innovative solutions.

Suction and blower

It has a motor power of 1400 watt which gives 16KPA suction power which ensures continuous usage.

Its suction power with cyclonic technology enables the collection of dust from every corner. It can be used to clean all types of dust and spills from almost everywhere.

Dust collector

It has a capacity of 15 liters inside a washable bag that can be emptied when full and washed and reused.

It has a HEPA filter that can remove allergens leaving clean air. It also comes with a 6 months warranty.


It comes with a plastic suction tube, the flexible hose of 2m length, sponge filter, crevice nozzle, wet and dry floor brush, upholstery brush and washable bag.

All these accessories ensure cleaning every surface without leaving any dirt.

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  • 15 L of Capacity is huge enough for Storing Dust and Spills
  • HEPA filters enable clean air
  • Space for accessories provided
  • Dry/Wet Brush is for smooth surfaces
  • Large dust capacity with reusable bags


  • Will take some time to completely get used to

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3. Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Micro WD10-1000W

(Most convenient for daily use)


  • Capacity 10 litres
  • Safe design with 14KPA Suction
  • Hose Length 1.8 Metres
  • 3in1 Multifunction Wet/Dry/Blowing
  • Impact Resistant Polymer Tank
  • Powerful 1000W motor

Inalsa is one of the best brands in Vacuum cleaners in India. For Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner it deserves 3rd Postion and also best budget wet and dry vacuum cleaner under 5,000.

Inalsa wet and dry cleaner is a cool device to clean your home. It helps to clean every corner of the house without any problem making cleaning fun and convenient. Hence this is popular among its users for it’s versatility.

Fast suction power

It’s motor with 1000 watt power makes efficient cleaning by giving optimum performance. It’s blower function makes the blow function easier and dislodges dust easily. It’s powerful motor also ensures long usability.

Safe design

It enables safety while cleaning by automatic stopping when storage capacity has reached its limit and protects motor and hassle free working.

It’s long hose gives a wide range of operation. It’s accessories are attached so that there is no need of detachment of them while cleaning making it easily portable.


Components of this machine include extension pipe, flexible hose pipe, crevice nozzle brush, carpet brush. All these accessories ensure cleaning of carpets, corners, crevices and unreachable places effectively.

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  • Easy lock and unlock
  • Presence of sponge filter for wet vacuuming
  • Long hose pipe
  • Safe buoy technology
  • Onboard tool storage space


  • Customer Support is Poor

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4. Prestige 1200 Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Brand Value + Power + Budget)


Speaking about the best Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners in India, how can we forget Presitge, one of the most popular brand in home Need Products.

It’s products range from cookware to stoves to electrical kitchen gadgets. It’s products have got unique features that make them stand out. And this Vacuum Cleaner has 1200 W of powerful motor and comes under 5,000.

Cleaning made fun

Prestige wet and dry cleaner makes cleaning fun by its unique features that can clean both wet and dry dirt using its 1200 watt powered motor that can remove the toughest stains and dirt easily.

The blower function enables cleaning of hard-to-reach places making its use comfortable.

Special features

Thus has got special features like auto cut float which makes nozzles rise up when the dust bag capacity is full.

It’s wheels help easy mobility of machines to anywhere. Dust bag with a capacity of 10 litres that can ensure uninterrupted cleaning.


It has accessories like floor brush, absorbing brush, crevice tool and corner brush which can be placed inside the machine itself and aid in easier cleaning.

All these accessories can be used to clean the respective places effectively. It is provided with a HEPA filter that removes contaminants in air and also acts as a barrier to protect the motor and maintain hassle-free performance.

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  • Auto cut float feature.
  • Easily operated power switch.
  • Accessories are suitable for effective cleaning.
  • Strong blower performance.
  • The onboard storage of accessories.


  • Heats up after usage quickly.

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5. KENT – KSL-612 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200-Watt

(Lightweight and suitable for less noisy areas)


  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • 1 Year of Warranty
  • Long cord length of 5m
  • Huge Capacity of 10 L
  • Rubberized wheels

What’s in the Box:

  • Kent wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Flexible hose
  • Extension tube
  • Crevice tool
  • Floor brush
  • Wet brush Filter bag
  • User guide

Kent wet and dry cleaner is a china based company’s product with efficient motor and technology to clean off both dry and wet spills. This new age cleaner keeps your surroundings clean by its efficient functions.

Highly efficient motor

It has got a 1200 watt motor that is highly efficient with a strong suction force that picks up all kinds of waste.

It’s blower clears and cleans all dirt quickly and traps dust from any area quickly and makes the surface clean. This makes it one of the best Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner under Rs. 10,000.


It weighs around 5.7 kgs and the lightweight of the device makes its portability easier.

It has rubber wheels that also aid in easy movement of the device. The noise produced by this device is also very less compared to other vacuum cleaners which prevent disturbance to others


It has a flexible hose that allows reaching every corner. It has got a floor brush and a wet brush to clean dust from the floor and also wet spills respectively.

It has a dust cup and filters to remove contaminants from the air. Here is How you can clean your Vacuum Cleaner effectively.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Less noise production
  • Efficient motor of 1000 W consumes less energy
  • Less noise while operating
  • 10 litres dust collector capacity


  • They could have included some more accessories

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6. Inalsa Ultra WD10 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Wide range of accessories makes its use fun)


  • Good blower power and Wheels
  • 14KPA strong suction power
  • Power of 1000 W
  • Capacity of 10 L
  • Hose Length 1.8 Metres & 2 filter layers
  • Wide range of accessories

Inalsa Ultra WD wet and dry cleaner is a safely designed machine with buoy technology and lightweight machine that can be used in households for easier cleaning.

Motor and design

It has got a 1000 watt motor with an impressive performance in clearing dust. It has 130 watt suction and powerful blowers that ensure picking even large dust effectively and continuously.

This machine incorporates buoy technology for safe operation by stopping water intake when it is full. Thus design ensures safety of motor and continuous usage of devices.

Easier portability

It is lightweight with a carry handle that makes it easy to carry the device anywhere. It has also got wheels for easier movement across the home.


It has got a wide range of accessories to carry out a wide range of operations almost everywhere from home to car to gardens.

It can be attached with a hosepipe, an extension cord to reach hard to reach places and various brushes and filters. It has also got 2 layer filters which are cloth filter and sponge filter for dry and wet cleaning purposes respectively.


  • 2 layer filters that ensure no harmful bacteria left
  • Compact and lightweight
  • An extension cord to reach hard to reach places
  • Good suction and blower performance


  • Heats up quickly
  • More sound while using

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7. Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Bold 20-Litre 1400 watts Multi-Function Vacuum Cleaner

(Too good for uninterrupted cleaning)

Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry

  • 1400 watts power
  • Item Weight 5400 Grams
  • Huge Capacity of 10 L
  • Auto-stop function
  • Double filters for wet and dry cleaning

Eureka Forbes wet and dry cleaners are a one-stop solutions for cleaning anything.

It has a steel body with a powerful motor and a large dust case for efficient cleaning. With its unique features and safe design it is one of the best in the market.

Motor power

This machine uses 240 volts and has a motor power of 1400 watts that gives good suction even to remove the toughest stains from floor and helps in intensive cleaning.

It has also got blower efficiency to blow dust from every corner and crevices.

Dust case capacity

It is equipped with 20 liters dust case that ensures more cleanings without the need of emptying the dust case frequently.

It is also provided with 2 filters which are HEPA filter and sponge filter that can be used while cleaning dry and wet spills respectively preventing dust from escaping back to the air.


This product comes with various accessories like an extension tube, hose pipe, wet floor head, dry and upholstery brush and crevice tool with space for onboard storage of these.

All these can be used to clean everything from floor to crevices without any gap left easily. It is one of the best cleaners available in this range.

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  • Large dust case capacity of 20 liters
  • 1400 watt motor
  • The double filter maintains clean air
  • Long extension tube


  • Produces noise

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8. AGARO Regent 1600-Watts Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Dry cleaner suitable for the small household)


  • Variable power setting in suction level
  • Long cord length
  • Dust bag full indicator

Agaro regent vacuum cleaner is dry cleaning equipment suitable for any small household for daily usage.It has very good suction power and makes cleaning effortless. It comes under 5,000 and one of the best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners in India.

Effortless cleaning

This machine with 1600 watt powered motor giving 20 kpa suction can make cleaning of any big dirt and dust effortless.

It’s suction is good enough to remove even small particles of dust without leaving any.

It also has a feature of adjusting suction depending on the surface you want to clean. This machine ensures quick cleaning within minutes.

Dust bag and filters

It is attached with a HEPA filter which removes contaminants from air and prevents dust from coming out of the dust bag. It has a dust bag of 3 ltrs capacity made of cloth that is washable and reusable.

Large flexible hose

It has got various accessories like hose pipe, metal tube, floor brush, carpet brush and crevice nozzle.

Hose pipe is long enough to reach every corner and also the auto cord winder makes it easy to use. It has got wheels to ensure easy mobility of the device.

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  • Long hose pipe
  • Reusable cloth bag
  • Adjustable suction power
  • High motor power


  • Not suitable for wet cleaning

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9. American Micronic- 15 Liters, 1600W, Wet & Dry Imported Vacuum Cleaner

(Best suitable for any household)


  • 1600 watt powerful motor
  • Versatility in usage
  • HEPA Filter

American micronic is a certified company with safe products.

This vacuum cleaner comes like any other vacuum cleaner with all features including powerful motor giving good suction. It comes with good water lift capacity and airflow rate.

Powerful motor

It is equipped with 1600 watt motor that works at a voltage of 240 volts that gives powerful suction and blower function.

The handy blower can blow any dust and make it easier to pick from any surface. It has good water lift capability to clean wet spills and airflow rates for dry cleaning.

Filter system

It is also provided with HEPA filters that can remove contaminants from air.

It can clean all sorts of dust and spills efficiently. It cleans the air while cleaning its surroundings. It is provided with 15 liters dust bag enough for 2 to 3 cleanings without emptying.


The package comes with a flexible hose pipe, floor cum carpet brush, wet brush with separate mouths, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle.

All these accessories give versatility to users while cleaning. These accessories make sure that all parts of the home can be cleaned efficiently.


  • Versatile cleaning
  • Very good customer support
  • Very good customer support
  • Reusable bag
  • Compact design


  • Not much

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10. AGARO Rapid 1000-Watt, 10-Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Long and flexible hose for easy cleaning)


  • 10-Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Large dust collector
  • Flexible and long hose
  • Powerful motor

Agaro vacuum cleaner is similar looking to the prestige vacuum cleaner. This is suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. It has a 360° flexible hose which makes it convenient to use. And another thing makes it one of the best vacuum cleaner wet and dry is its affordability.

Powerful suction

It has a 1000 watt motor which makes a powerful suction of 16.5 KPA that cleans properly in every corner. It is also equipped with blower function and hence can blow dust to a place and can be vacuumed.

Hose and cords

Its hose is long and 360° rotatable making its use in any direction easy and increasing its coverage. It also comes with 5 metre long extra cord to reach narrow and unreachable places and cleans effectively.


It’s dust collector is large with a capacity of 10 litres so we can continue cleaning without the need of frequent changing of dust bags. It’s multipurpose cleaning brush can be used in almost any place like cushions, mattress, sofas and curtains.


  • Long hose pipe
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Sufficient for household cleaning
  • Large dust collector


  • Suction is reduced while using attachments

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11. Karcher WD5 Premium 13482300, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

(Biggest dust holder capacity of 25 litres)


  • Integrated filter cleaning function
  • Compact design
  • Long hose pipe

Karcher multipurpose vacuum cleaner is an excellent cleaner for any occasion at any place. This is equipped with German technology at its best. It’s many features make it unique and comfortable to use.

Suction and blower function

It is equipped with 1100 watt motor which operates at 220 to 240 volts.

The blower is efficient to blow away dust from any floor to gardens with an integrated filter cleaning system which allows users to remove filters easily by folding filter boxes.

The filter is ideal for both wet and dry cleaning and hence no need to remove the filter for different purposes.


It comes with 3 in 1 carrying handle and cable, nozzles with onboard storage space for these accessories. The handle is provided with electrostatic protection and is also removable which allows attachments of accessories directly to hose.


  • Compact and safe design
  • Inbuilt filter cleaning system
  • Good suction power


  • Could have added more accessories.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India Buying Guide

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide India

So before buying these we should have adequate knowledge about them. So here in about vacuum cleaners buying guide we will guide you to select the best vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Like every other household item, vacuum cleaners have evolved with new technologies. Here I will guide you to those and also to the common questions every user will have before buying a vacuum cleaner and makes you understand all those.

So let’s begin by answering some questions. And by the end, you will be almost having no confusions before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Things you Must know Before you buy:

Since so many vacuum cleaners are available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose among them.

So before buying every user should consider some of the factors that affect the efficiency and durability of vacuum cleaners.

Some of the important factors are size, usability, efficiency, brand, suction power, filter, noise level, bags and weight. Let’s know about them briefly.


The efficiency of any device is its ability to do the given work effectively. In vacuum cleaners, efficient ones with good suction that can even clean large dust are more suitable and most sought. Efficiency is a direct measure of its ability to clean the house neatly.


It is the convenience by which vacuum cleaners can be used. It should be easy to use even by new users and it’s accessories should also be easy to be incorporated into machines for usage.

Suction power

Suction power is the ability of the cleaner to suck or pull the dust or liquid waste. So adequate suction power means more ability to clean. More suction power means large pieces can be collected. So choose according to the needs.


These are present in dust bags and maintain dust inside the bag rather than coming out. Commonly HEPA, activated carbon filters are used. Filters pore size varies and can be selected according to our requirements.

If allergens are present in the air filters can effectively remove them from air. Some filters can be washed while some have to be replaced after use when damaged.


Not all vacuum cleaners are bagged. Some cleaners have dust cups instead of bags. Mostly bagless preferred since they will be easy to use since there is no need to replace bags and they will be environment friendly. Dust cups can be emptied when full and can be reused.

Noise level

Some cleaners make more sound and are not suitable for offices. So it’s better to know noise level and choose the one that emits less noise. If they are to be used in educational institutions less noise level is preferred, while high noise may not be problem in running industries.


Lesser the weight of cleaner, easier to carry and hence most preferred to use.  Weight can be less or more, if wheels are present to move, then it doesn’t affect much.

Different Types of Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners?

Mini-sized vacuum Cleaners

handheld vacuum cleaner

These are small vacuums that are small in size with least weight and do their job clearly. It uses very little energy.

These are actually handheld cleaners and can be easily used to do small cleanings like collecting pet hairs, clear allergens, and dust from air.

Because of their small size, they can be easily used to reach small or hard to reach places. These have a capacity of 1 to 2 litres and are easily portable.

Small Vacuum Cleaner

Small sized vacuum cleaner

These are also small but comparatively bigger and can be easily carried. These use the energy of about 500 watts.

These are also generally handheld and can be used to clean cars, carpets, pillows and upholstery.

These are generally fewer noise producers and are handy and portable to carry. So for effective and convenient cleaning these are most suitable.

Medium vacuum Cleaners

medium vacuum cleaner

These are the regular ones that are commonly used and use around 500-3000 watt energy. These are quite big with strong suction power.

These will have bags of high capacity and can be used to do uninterrupted cleaning until the bag is filled.

The capacity of dust bags ranges from 2 to 10 liters. These include accessories that can be used to improve their performance and increase the range of the work to be done.

Large vacuum Cleaners

Large Vacuum Cleaners

These are big ones used in big industries and hospitals and have a large capacity. This uses more energy.

Generally, these are difficult to carry because of their large size. These will have storage space for accessories and can be kept in ready to use position without the need to arrange accessories facilitating quick cleaning.

Dust bag capacity will also be large ranging from 5 to 20 liters. These will have more suction and blower power and hence uses more power. These can also be used for deep cleaning.

Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner usage?

Any wet and dry cleaners are used for a wide range of works and they are discussed below:

1. Cleans both wet and dry spills

As the name suggests it can be used to clean both wet and dry dirts. It can be used to clean dry wastes, dirt, dust, pet hair,paper pieces, etc and also wet spills like water spills, juice spills on the floor, sofas etc. This feature makes it more versatile to use than regular cleaners.

2. Can be used for domestic and commercial purposes

It can be used in any place like for domestic purpose in home, offices, or for commercial purposes in industries, hospitals, educational institutions etc. when chosen according to the usage.

3. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning

These can be used in indoor cleaning for clearing blocked sinks by using blower mode to clean. Dust and any other liquid spills can be removed easily.

It can also be used to clean upholstery and indoor curtains. Other than this outdoor cleaning can also be done to clean the garden area, balcony, and backyard.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner benefits

The wet and dry cleaners have benefits over other cleaners which makes them most eligible for the same work.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. Effective: Since they can remove both wet and dry dirt they are more efficient than the regular cleaners. This makes them to be selected among others.
  2. Portable: These are compact and make its portability easier and which in turn increase its efficiency.
  3. Easy to switch modes: The ability to switch between blower and suction power makes it easy to use.
  4. Added accessories: The accessories that come with Vacuum cleaner make cleaning easier by adding to their usability and convenience.
  5. Affordable: These are affordable by almost everybody. Even with low cost they come with many features thereby competing with regular cleaners to be chosen by customers.

Frequently asked questions?

Which is the best Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India?

Every Vacuum cleaner is unique in its own way. But if there has to be one Over-all best Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner in India then that would be BLACK+DECKER WDBD15 for sure.

Can I vacuum with a wet filter?

The problem with wet filters is it allows growth of molds and can reduce the efficiency of the cleaner and also if it is a bagless cleaner that can affect the motor.

Which is better: wet and dry vacuum cleaners or canister vacuum cleaners?

If portability is the main problem then canister vacuum cleaners are good since they can be easily carried. If not then wet and dry are best since they have many advantages like versatile, light, compact and easy to use.

What is the difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners?

As the name itself suggests dry vacuum cleaner cleans dry dust and dirt where wet cleaners clean liquid spills. Dry cleaners also remove allergens from the air. Wet cleaners will be waterproof and made to collect liquids without damaging the machine.

Should I remove the filter before vacuuming water?

It depends on the model of the vacuum cleaner. Generally it is preferred to remove filters before vacuuming water, if not removed always wash the filter and dry it to prevent growth of microorganisms.

Can you wash HEPA vacuum filters?

Depending on the filter, if the filters are not labelled as washable, then it is better not to wash them. If it is mentioned as washable then we can wash making sure no damage is done to the filter.

Do wet and dry vacuums clean carpets?

Yes, wet and dry vacuum cleaners have been provided with accessories like carpet brush that can be used to clean carpets.

Final Words

I hope all your doubts regarding Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner must have cleared in this post, but still confused with anything then you can comment below and Priceunder will reply back as soon as possible.

If you want one Over-all best Product then it is BLACK+DECKER WDBD15 in India which is considered as the Best Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner in India.

Don’t forget to share this post with all your friends so that they can also know about which Vacuum Cleaner would be best for them.

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