9 Best (RO+UV) Water Purifiers Under Rs. 10,000 in India (2021)

Are you Looking for Best Water Purifier that:

  • uses RO+UV Technology
  • Comes under Budget
  • Branded Product

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In India, we still lack pure water in many areas, But it’s really important for our health to get Pure Water. So, if you’re the one who is looking for Water Purifier or Filter in India then you’re in right place.

Today we’re going to explore the 9 best RO+UV water purifiers in India. Now in this day and age where waterborne diseases are increasing due to the consumption of contaminated water. It has become imperative that we protect our families by ensuring that pure drinking water is available to them.

ProductStorage CapacityPurifying TechnologyBuy Now
#1. Kent Ace8 LRO + UV + UF
#2. Eureka Forbes7 LRO + MC
#3. Livpure7 LRO + UV + UF
#4. Blue Star Arist7 LRO + UV + UF
#5. Mi Smart 7 LRO + UV
#6. Kent Ace Lite8 LRO + UF + TDS
#7. Aqua Fresh8 LRO + UF + TDS
#8. Pureit6 LUV + UF
#9. Kent MAXX7 LUV + UF

It’s not enough that water looks just clean but it has to be free of disease-causing bacteria and pollutants and all traces of heavy metals.

India alone accounts for over thirty-six point six million cases of water-borne diseases, but now we can take affirmative steps to protect our families. And we all know the best technology for Water Purifier is RO+UV.

Top 9 Best RO+UV Water Purifiers and Filters Under Rs. 10,000

We all know that RO+UV Water Purifiers are best for those who want to remove both hard Water Elements like aluminium, chlorine, magnesium and arsenic and also kills Virus and Bacteria Present in the Water Purifier. You can check Benefits of RO+UV below this List.

1. Kent Ace 8 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

(Overall Best Product With All Technologies)

Kent Ace Lite 8 L RO + UF + TDS Water Purifier

  • TDS controller
  • Purification up to 20L/hr
  • Electric purification
  • Purified water storage – 8L

We all know how popular is Kent when it comes to water purifiers. Our experts literally tried to find many different water purifiers to find any better than Kent but couldn’t, the truth is Kent Ac is probably the best water purifier in India but only if can extend your budget a little more.

TDS controller

This product is made suitable to Indian houses and offices by the TDS controller in it. With this purifier, you can filter normal tap water or municipal water or even brackish water.

The TDS controller not only retains the minerals in the filtered water but also makes it fit for drinking. This is why it stands to be top product in our list of best water purifiers/filters in india.

The process of purification

It provides you the healthy drinking water by the combined operation of Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.

The RO and UF combined with TDS Control make the water tastier to drink and removes any unwanted dissolved matter.

Additional features

You get a warranty of 1 year for the product. The tank is provided with a UV disinfection that maintains the purity of the filtered water for longer durations.

It also has an automatic ON/OFF feature so that you don’t need to pay attention every time.


Purification Capacity 20 L/hr
Body Material ABS Food Grade Plastic
Weight 7.4 kg
Storage Capacity 8 L
Maximum Duty Cycle 100 L/day


  • Highly economical
  • Excellent performance
  • RO technology


  • Maintenance expenses

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2. Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier  RO + MC

(Purifier with a mineral cartridge)

Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier RO + MC

  • Electric purification
  • Mineral cartridge
  • RO + MC
  • Energy-saving mode

I know it doesn’t have RO+UV filteration but RO+MC is also modern technology and many people prefer this technology over UV. However, if you want don’t want RO + MC then you can skip this one and move further. Speaking about Brand “Eureka Forbes” recently becoming very popular in India.

Product build

This purifier has a huge storage capacity of seven liters, which means that your family is never short of pure drinking water.

The beautifully designed purifier is easy to place on a countertop or mounted on the wall. The brand-new design totally Blends as per the requirement of the urban home.

The purification

Now, this water purifier can treat water having TDS up to 2,000 PPM with a reduction of up to 90% TDS. Thereby, ensuring safe and tasty drinking water always.

It also comes with the advanced tedious regulator and the customers can adjust the taste of water. It comes with a 6000-liter cartridge life to ensure long-lasting and hassle-free access to Safe Water.

Additional features

The mineral Cartridge in this water purifier adds essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium which enhances the taste of water.

Not only does this machine purifies the water your family needs but also does its bit for the environment by all-round energy-saving mode.

This product comes with a multi-stage purification technology, which absolutely provides safe drinking water.

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Material Type(s) 7 L
Purifying Technology RO + MC
Installation Type Wall Mount, Counter Top
Weight 5.5 kg
Warranty 1 Year


  • The cartridge has a life of 6000L
  • Easy to install
  • Alerts with LED indicators
  • Wall Mount


  • Little Noisy

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3. Livpure LIV-PEP-PRO-PLUS+ 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

(Post-carbon filter and a Sediment filter)

Livpure LIV-PEP-PRO-PLUS+ 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

  • Ultra-filtration cartridge
  • Post-carbon filter
  • RO + UV + UF 
  • Sediment filter

Not Only just RO + UV but also UF, and trust of the Livpure brand makes this product at 3rd position for best RO+UV Water Purifiers in India. Another best thing is it comes under the budget of Rs. 10,000.

Product build

This product is equipped with indicators that indicate the start of the purification process and when the tank is full.

It is engineered with a post-carbon filter that has a special ability to remove organic impurities.

The purification process

It has the ability to filter about 12L of impure water. The fourth level of purification, ie Reverse osmosis process removes the dissolved chemicals and prevents the mixing of impure water with the pure filtered water.

At the fifth level of purification, the water is ensured to have no microorganisms in it.

Additional features

To get rid of particulate matter in the water this product is equipped with a sediment filter.

You get a warranty of 1 year on the product at let’s go to 5th in the list of top 13 best water purifiers in India.

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Material Type(s) 7 L
Purifying Technology RO + UV + UF
Power Requirement 50 Hz, 140-300 V
Operating Voltage 24 V
Electrical Type Electrical and Storage


  • Sediment filter
  • 12L/hr filtration capacity
  • UV disinfection
  • Antiscalant Cartridge


  • No visibility of water level
  • Bad RO Taste

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4. Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

(A purifier with 6 purification levels with Pre Filter)

 Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

  • Electric purification
  • Purification levels – 6
  • 192L of capacity for purification

Blue Star is has gained a huge market in Purifiers and ACs Market, and Blue Star Aristo has RO+UV+UF technology and also pre Filter helps you remove other small particles if comes with Water.

Product build

It has a variety of indicators that shows alert in different situations such as when there is a shortage of water supply or when the purification process starts.

It has the ability to filter and provides you the healthy water of amount of 8L/hr. It has a storage capacity of 7L to store the filtered water.

The filtration

This product has a 3 layered protection which has the combined action of reverse osmosis as well as optimum ultra-violet radiations with Ultrafiltration.

The radioactive matter even in trace amount and the impurities in the dissolved state can be effectively removed by the reverse osmosis process.

The harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are destroyed by UV rays.

Additional features

The electric purification ensures there isn’t a loss of a large amount of water during filtration.

The taste booster provides taste to the water after filtration. This product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

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Total Capacity 7 L
Purifying Technology RO + UV + UF
Power Requirement AC 100 – 300 V, 50 Hz
Child Lock Yes
Filter Life 3000 L


  • Wall mount as well as countertop
  • 3000 L of filter life
  • Auto turn ON/OFF
  • Indication light for alerts


  • 7 liters capacity only

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5. Mi Smart (MRB13) 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier

(Purifier with Penta purification )

Mi Smart (MRB13) 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier

  • 5 levels of Purification
  • DIY Filter Replacement
  • A certified purifier with UV disinfection
  • Can connect with mobile application

If you’re looking for something with advanced technology and can be connected through Mobile application then You must go with Mi Smart Water Purification.

Don’t think it will compromise with purification, the quality is as same as any other RO+UV+UF, but compromise your budget little bit.

Product build

Another great product in list of best water filters or purifiers in India. The body of the tank is provided with UV sterilization that maintains the purity of the filtered water for a longer duration.

The filters have an extended lifetime of 12 months. It has a storage capacity of 7L to store the filtered fresh water.

Penta purification

With the 5 levels of purification, this product provides you the clean and healthy water. It has the ability to remove dissolved chlorine and any other microorganisms.

It makes the borewell water fit to human consumption with the combined reverse osmosis and ultra-violet rays.

Additional features

To experience high-end support you are allowed to connect with the product using the mobile app. With this mobile application, you can monitor the water purity levels and TDs levels and also the status of sterilization.

The special feature of this product is that you can replace the filters whenever there is a need by yourself.


Filtration Capacity 7.8 L/hr
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Purification Stages 5
Total Capacity 7 L
Purifying Technology RO + UV


  • Easily replaceable filters
  • UV tank sterilization
  • Auto turn ON/OFF
  • With overflow protection


  • 7 L capacity only

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6. Kent Ace Lite 8 L RO + UF + TDS Water Purifier

(Outstanding Kent technology)

  • Electric purification
  • 8L storage capacity
  • High purification capacity

This is the lite version of the Kent Ace(Our 1st at top Product) the only difference is it’s not UV, rest is the same and also the price is little cheaper. Everything from Kent you’ll in here as same as the first product.

Product build

It has a storage capacity of 8 liters to store the filtered water for usage. The product weighs about 7.4 kg. To ensure less amount of water loss during filtration it is designed with electric purification.

The purification

This product purifies the water with the help of a combination of technologies such as Reverse osmosis and Ultrafiltration.

To ensure that the filtered water has the required minerals and essential elements it has a special kent feature. with the mineral reverse osmosis technology, filtered water is made pure and rich with nutrients.

Additional features

It features a multiple filtering process that results in not only pure water but also tasty water. it is also engineered with a TDs controller. You get a warranty of 1 year on the product.


Total Capacity 8 L
Purifying Technology RO + UF + TDS
Weight 7.4 kg
Warranty 1 Year


  • Variety of purification process
  • Outstanding Kent technology
  • High purification capacity
  • 1-year warranty


  • Service is not that good

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7. Aqua Fresh Epic Model 15 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

(Best Budget Water Purifier with RO + UV)

Aqua Fresh Epic Model 15 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

  • 5 purification levels
  • Carbon filters
  • 15L storage capacity

You want RO+UV Filteration but don’t want to spend too much, don’t worry, we got Aqua Fresh, one of the first Water Purifiers come up in India back in the initial days. And it is the best RO+UV Water Purifier Under Rs. 5,000.

Product build

It has a large capacity of 15L to store the filtered drinking water for consumption. It is also equipped with many filters to remove the dissolved salts and microbes. It is built with filters made up of carbon.

The purification process

To ensure the retention of natural minerals in the drinking water it is equipped with a modern TDs controller. It has 5 levels of purification techniques by the combined action of reverse osmosis technique, ultrafiltration with the optimum amount of ultraviolet rays and modern TDS control technology.

Additional features

It is a fully automated product such that it can automatically start the filtration process when the amount of freshwater reaches the minimum amount.

To prevent the water overflow it also has the ability to turn off the purification process automatically. You get a warranty of 6 months for the product.


Purification Stages 5
Filter Type Carbon, Sediment
Membrane Type 75 GPD
Storage Tank Material ABS FOOD grade plastic
Weight 6 kg


  • 15L storage capacity
  • Auto turn ON/OFF
  • Electric purification
  • Multiple filters


  • Only 6 months warranty

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8. Pureit by HUL RO+UV+MF 8 L RO + UV Water Purifier

(7 levels of purification)

Aqua Fresh Epic Model 15 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

  • Micro purification level
  • Membrane protected
  • Mineral RO + UV + MF + MP

Speaking about Water Purifiers, we can’t forget Pureit, this has to be in this list. It comes with all the technologies and a decent amount of storage for water. And I really loved the design of this Water Purifiers.

Product build

It has the ability to store up to 6L of purified water. It is equipped with a mineral cartridge that ensures there is enough amount of minerals in the purified drinking water.

The water level indicator indicates the current water level in the purifier.

The purification process

With the additional microfiltration and membrane protector, this purifier provides you with 7 levels of filtration.

The double purity lock ensures the absolute healthy state of the purified water. The reverse osmosis technology prevents the mixing of impure water with pure filtered water.

Additional features

The filters are provided with extended lifetime up to 6000L purification. It is also equipped with an automatic turn ON/OFF feature.

The overflow protection prevents excess filtration that may lead to loss of drinking water.


Total Capacity 6 L
Membrane Type RO Membrane
Filtration Capacity 20 L/hr
Weight 7.3 kg
Warranty 1 Year


  • Membrane protected
  • 20L / hr filtration
  • 6000L of purification ability


  • Plastic material

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9. Kent MAXX (11013)

(Transparent storage tank)

Kent MAXX (11013)

  • Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Transparent storage tank

Yes, another Kent Product, with ISI Mark on it, Kent Maxx sustains 9th position in best RO+UV Water Purifiers in India. There are 7 different levels of filtration, You’re going to love this another affordable Water Filter.

Product build

This model weighs about 6.1 kg. It has a storage capacity of 7L to store the filtered water for consumption.

It is also equipped with an alarm that alerts you when there is a defect in UV light and when there is a need to change the filters inside the purifier.

The UF purification process

The water is set to pass through the small tiny pores in the filters that remove the dead microorganisms.

It is engineered with a highly powerful UV lamp of 11 watts that removes the micro-organisms effectively. The filters are made up of activated carbon for effective filtration.

Additional features

You get a one year warranty on the product. To ensure the long lifetime and durability it is built with ABS material.

This product is made completely leak-proof with the attached rubber rings


Total Capacity 7 L
Purifying Technology UV + UF
Electrical Type Electrical and Storage
Purification Features UV
Warranty 1 Year


  • Transparent storage tank
  • Fail alarms
  • 7L storage capacity


  • Does not have RO technology

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Benefits of RO+UV Water Purifier in India

RO+UV Filteration Technolgy is the latest technology that helps in removing hard material in water and also kills bacteria and virus in the water. Here are some 5 major benefits of RO+UB filtration:

Remove Flour Taste and Odour

The Best Feature which everyone loved the most in RO+UV filtration is the taster of water becomes normal. But it doesn’t mean that you will get normal water taste, taste might be a little different but not that bad as Normal Water Purifier has since it kills the bacterial and removes impurities.

Saves Power

RO+UV Water Purifiers are power-efficient they barely use one Unit of electricity even if left on for 2-3 days and it saves your cost on buying RO Water Bottles while traveling.


RO+UV Water Purifiers could easily be used by 5 members’ houses as they quickly filter water and get it ready for drinking. And also has a good amount of capacity to store water.


Well, UV bulb doesn’t need a replacement after setting up once for long but RO needs some filters which may need maintenance but don’t worry, you can ask about this from the service boy.

Water Wastage

RO+UV filters don’t waste much water, this filter tries to flush down as less as possible water, hence water does not get waster too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TDS Controller?

TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) Controller is a Screw-based device that is responsible for controlling salts level in the purified output water. A good Water Filter must have TDS Controller, you should always look for it before you buy.

Difference Between RO and UV?

RO UV Water Purifier kills all the pathogens that are available in water but the dead bacteria remain in the water only. But RO Purifier Kills the Bacteria and also remove dead bacteria, RO is better than UV.

How much is the annual average maintenance charge?

Most of the Products in the list need not labour charge for about next 3 years but if you want to have service annually then it could cost around 2k to 3k, which will run form more than 1 and half year.

is Only RO Water Water Harmful?

The water filtered from RO has a low ph Scale, if you consume RO Water daily in large amounts it will increase the chance of Kidney diseases.

What is Normal amount of TDS Level?

Normal Water with TDS level more than 500 mg/L is considered to be as Normal. This is the data from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

How does UV Lights Purify Water?

Water Runs from Steel Chamber than UV Light are exposed to Water and Kill the bacteria or other pathogens it has. Then it gets purified and Safe to Drink.

Final Words

In Short, the Kent First Product is probably the best brand in Water purifiers in India, But the Only thing is You need to Increase your Budget little bit. Purification of water is essential, and don’t waste too much money on expensive bottles of bisleri or any other brand.

You can make your water clean at home then carry it anywhere in the bottle. If you have any queries regarding Water Purifier then comment below or you can also contact us form the Contact page.

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