TOP 8 Best Tower Speakers Under 5,000 INR (Reviews 2021)

Are you looking for Tower Speakers that:

  • Comes under Budget under 5,000 INR
  • Works for all devices, TV, Mobile or even USB
  • Are best in Bass and Sound Mix

If yes, then you’re in perfectly right place. Watching movies 4K movies or listening to your favorite songs while having the best sound quality is what everybody wants. They want to experience the theatrical feeling from their home itself.

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Things to Check before buying:

Output Power
Output power tells you how much sound and bass RMS is gonna be in the tower speakers. Says 55 Watts of output power, consist subwoofer output – 35 w, speaker output 10W x 2 is good enough.
Speaker Size Main Unit
Every tower speakers have set of Satellite speaker and sub-woofer built-in. A good quality tower speaker must have at least 3 Satellite speakers.
Frequency Response
Frequency response is measured in hz that tells how particular audio component like sub-woofer, speaker or tweeter can produce audible frequencies. It tells maximum output in khz in Tower Speakers.
Cabinet in which Tower Speakers are included in plays major role also. Wood cabinet will produce bass whereas the mix material is best for sound and bass mix.
Design includes Size, weight so that it can be placed and moved anywhere easily. And also it should look good so that enhance your living room.

Tower Speakers are the one that gives this feel. Today, we’re here with the Top 8 Best Tower Speakers that you can buy under Rs. 5,000 and all are branded products durable enough to last few years.

8 Best Tower Speakers Under Rs. 5,000 in India to Buy

1. Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth – Best Tower Speaker Under 5,000


Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth Tower Speaker

  • Easily pair and play your tracks
  • Wattage: 55 Watts
  • Weight 6 kg 500 g
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Frequency Response Main Unit: 40Hz – 200Hz
  • Connectivity options: USB, AUX in, FM, Bluetooth and Remote Control
  • Smooth Rotary Volume knob with Blue Led Lights

This tower speaker is so smooth and classy that it take your listening experience to next level. Zook Gladiator is the overall best Tower Speaker under 5,000 in India that you can buy in 2021.

It is easily connected to any device using Bluetooth. You can also connect Zoook Gladiator with your PC as it comes with an RCA to Aux cable.

Inbuilt Satellites: Zoook Gladiator includes two 4” Satellites and a 5.25-inch woofer which helps to deliver the astoundingly heavy bass to produce smooth and ultra-crisp music.

Connectivity Support: Zoook Gladiator comes with RCA to Aux cable which allows people to easily connect the speaker with their PC or mobile phones. You can connect the speaker via Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and Line-In

3. 55 Watt Powerful Sound: The powerful wattage is enough to give a thumping sound that sounds perfect with the speakers and gives supreme music quality. It has two 4 Satellite speakers and a 5.25-inch woofer to deliver bass.

Key Highlights

Speaker Size Main Unit 5.25
Satellite 4
Impedance Satellite speaker 4 ohm
Woofer Speaker 8 ohm
Frequency Response Main Unit 40Hz – 200Hz
Satellite 200Hz – 20KHz


  • Connect Bluetooth and Other Connectivity Options
  • Bluetooth Range 10m
  • Connects AUX
  • Comes with Volume and Bass controls


  • Weight 6kg 500g, bit heavy
  • It is not waterproof

Should you buy it?

Yes, definitely it is worth buying this product, as it is too loud for one single room but if you want to put it on a TV for the movie you will find the best experience in terms of sound.

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2. Altec Lansing AL-TW-04 Multimedia Tower Speaker


Altec Lansing AL-TW-04 Multimedia Tower Speaker

  • 20W output Powerful Bass and Sound
  • Best Design with Digital Display
  • Item Weight: 3 kg 700 g
  • Connectivity Options: AUX play, SD card and US
  • Also Include Remote Control and Mic
  • 1 Year Warranty

Altec Lansing AL-TW-04 has dazzling-looking DJ trolley speakers that appear with wheels and a retractable handle that help to grip the speaker conveniently.

It also has an LED light feature that starts playing when you connect your device with the speaker.

It can cover a distance of 10-15mtrs which is better at this price range. Connectivity is one of the best features in this Best Tower Speaker Under 5,000.

Weight and Height: It appears with two 6.5inch inch drivers and output power of 20W which weigh only 3.7kgs 2.

Connectivity options: You can connect Altec Lansing AL-TW-0 with Bluetooth and it also has an option for AUX and USB cable.

Battery Powered: It has Battery inside, you will get 2 hours of average Battery Life that will keep this Speaker alive for your Party.

Design: Altec Lansing has probably the best design among all other best Speakers that comes under 5,000 INR, it has LED light Display and awesome Colors.


  • Weight 3kg 700g
  • Connect all kind of cables like USB, AUX, and Bluetooth and also have sim slot and many more
  • It comes with LED light which looks very attractive to customers


  • It has a battery average life of the only 2hr

Should you Buy it?

As per the price range, the speaker has comparatively fewer features than others and the battery life of this spear is also not good. But overall sound and design look amazing.

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3. Omeewa by Obage ST-607 Single Tower Speaker System


Omeewa by Obage ST-607 Single Tower Speaker System

  • Not for loud listeners
  • Full control over bass and treble
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 15kHz
  • Focus on clarity and sweetness of sound
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Aux, USB, FM support, Remote control

Omeewa by Obage ST-607 is not at all for the listeners who loves to play song loud and clear.

If your room is small and you prefer BASS on low volume and loves to hear slow and instrumental songs this is the best option for you.

The complete Control over Bass and Sound is probably the best feature I see in this Tower Speaker under 5,000 that you must take in your home in 2021.

Focus on Clarity: It is not for high-volume sound listeners but for the person who loves instrumental and slow songs you will find the best sound quality.

Connectivity Options: Here also you can connect your speaker with several options like AUX, USB, Bluetooth but you will not get a sim slot here. You will also get a remote to change the volume and bass according to your preference.

Perfect TV Mate: The Tower Speaker may not suit best for high volume listeners but probably the best if  you want to use it in your TV.

Key Highlights

Cabinet 11 mm MDF
Product Weight 9.2 kg
Frequency Range 40Hz – 15kHz
Subwoofer 1 x 5.25 Inch
Speaker 2 x 3 Inch full range
Output Power 35W RMS at 1% distortion


  • The clarity in sound especially instrumental and slow songs.
  • Good for small areas
  • Minimal sound distortion


  • Not good for high volume listeners
  • Remote quality doesn’t match the rest of the product.

Final Words

It is only good for low-volume listeners. Other people who love to hear loud songs avoid this speaker it will be a waste of money.

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4. OBAGE DT-2425 Home Theaters Bluetooth Speakers Tower


OBAGE DT-2425 Home Theaters Bluetooth Speakers Tower

  • Deep Clear Bass
  • Not Designed as Loud Speakers
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz – 17kHz
  • Connectivity Options: Bluetooth 5.0,USB, Double Aux, FM,MMC

OBAGE DT-2425 Home Theaters has a very impressive sound quality. It is also not good for loud listeners.

But the quality of the slow song is very amazing. If you place the system on ear level you will find the best experience.

Focus on Clarity: OBAGE DT-2425 provides the best and soothing sound quality. Songs which are less pitched are great on this speaker.

Connectivity Options: It connects all kinds of sources like Bluetooth, USB, FM, Aux, and MIC. But does not have a sim or memory slot.

Thumping Bass: One of the best things I loved about this Tower Speaker is its Bass which makes it completely unique pick for Best Tower Speakers in India Under 5,000 of budget. Bass does not distort the vocals.

Key Highlights

Cabinet 11 mm MDF
Product Weight 13kg
Frequency Range 50Hz – 17kHz
Subwoofer 2 x 5.25 Inch
Speaker 2 x 3 Inch full range
Output Power 35W + 35W


  • Extremely good sound quality.
  • You can control volume and bass via remote
  • Best for small areas


  • Not for loud listeners
  • Too heavy, weight 17kg 300g

Should You Buy this Product?

If you are a loud listener I don’t suggest you buy this speaker as its bass and volume will get itchy to your ears if played loud. It is good for a music lover who loves to hear slow songs.

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5. Bencley® Bluetooth Tower Speakers 25000W


Bencley® Bluetooth Tower Speakers 25000W PMPO

  • 25000 watts PMPO provide full DJ sound
  • It comes with a wired mic port
  • Connectivity Options: PenDrive, Mobile, Aux Support, FM
  • 3 months Warranty

Bencley® Bluetooth Tower Speakers 25000W is full of great features and provides smooth and clear sound with remarkable acoustics.

It will give you a theatrical experience of sound in your home. It offers a maximum coverage area of 201 square feet in a closed room.

Sound System: It comes with a 5.25inch woofer which helps to hear the clear and deep sounds so that you can enjoy the music at every volume

Connectivity Options: It helps us to enjoy several connectivity sources like USB, AUX, Bluetooth, FM, and many more

Design: They are built for better response in the lower midrange, and truly rich sound with best bass mix is what we liked about this best Tower Speaker Under 5,000. It also has Powerful amplifier within.


  • It occupies less space as it is floor standing and has a slim design
  • It helps to deliver the best bass sound and clear has a sound quality
  • It connects multiple sources like AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and many more
  • It has a remote to change the volume and sound according to your preference


  • Weight of 6kgs which is quite heavy

Should You buy this?

As per the sound, it is the best speaker and it also allows you to change the bass and volume system according to your wish. But some customer reviews say that the remote quality is not up to the mark.

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6. Bayspower 28000 W PMPO Party Tower Speaker


Bayspower 28000 W PMPO Party Tower Speaker Home Theatre System

  • High-quality components used for best Bass Quality
  • Connectivity Options; Bluetooth/USB/FM/Aux/MI
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • 6.5 inches , 8-ohm subwoofer and 2 front speakers
  • 6-month Warranty

Bayspower 28000 W PMPO is a big powerful 6.5 inches, 8-ohm subwoofer and 2 front speakers which help to produce the best sound for listening inside the home.

Here also you can control the sound according to your choice with BASS CONTROL and TREBLE control.

Weight and Design: It has a weight of 6.45kg and has a neat and attractive design. It will make you feel like you are watching a movie in a theatre.

Connectivity Options: It supports FM, USB, Bluetooth, aux, mic and it is best for connecting with a desktop computer and Led TV.

Bass and Treble Control: You can equalize the sound the way you want with Bass Settings and Treble Settings that will let you decide how much is that you want bass and how much Sound.

Key Highlights

Cabinet High quality MDF wood
Frequency Range 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance Satellite speaker 4 ohm
Subwoofer 1 x 6.5 Inch
Speaker 2 x 3 Inch
Strength 28000PMPO


  • If you want more sound you can connect extra speakers of your own. (They won’t provide you any)
  • Clear and smooth sound quality and has a rich bass
  • 110 Watts Amplifiers


  • Weight 6kg 500g
  • Bit bulky

Final Words

This is the best speaker I came across. As per the price it basically gives everything the best sound quality, bass system, several connectivity options, and many more.

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7. FREDO AIT844 Bluetooth Single Tower Speaker


FREDO AIT844 Bluetooth Single Tower Speaker

  • Wattage: 130 Watts & RMS 90Watts
  • Remote is also included 1-year warranty
  • MOSFET Amplifier tuned by FREDO includes one 7265IC + two 2030IC’s
  • Connectivty Options: BlueTooth, USB, AUX L+R, 6 Equalizers, FM Tuner, 3.5mm

FREDO AIT844 has a perfect bass and crystal clear voice. FREDO 4″; Mini woofers worked as satellites for mids and treble.

The simple, sleek design will fit most of the furniture settings

Weight and height: The product has a dimension of 609x305x162mm and has a weight of 8.5kgs

Connectivity Options: It connects several sources like Bluetooth, aux, and many more. It also involves 6 Equalizers/FM Tuner/3.5mm and Jack in front.

Design: It comes with remote control and only Speaker in the list of Top 8 Tower Speakers under Rs. 5,000 in India that has gives side-based thundering bass.


  • Clear sound quality and perfect bass
  • It also includes remote
  • Manual volume and bass rotary switches on the side


  • There is NO mic connection
  • Very heavy, weight is 8.5kgs

Shout You buy this?

It has a true value of money. You can buy this speaker as it has a perfect volume and bass system and you can also control it via remote which they will provide in the box.

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8. Vorvox Bluetooth Multimedia Tower Speaker


Vorvox Bluetooth Multimedia Tower Speaker

  • Slim & elegant floor standing design
  • It has a remote control feature too
  • 1 Year Warranty

Vorvox Bluetooth Multimedia Tower Speaker has a volume knob on its sling flooring standing device. Voice quality is very clear and you will find DISTURBANCE FREE music at every volume.

Weight and Height: Vorvox Bluetooth Multimedia Tower Speaker system with 35000W PMPO sound, having a huge bass of 100cm and has a weight of 3kgs

Connectivity support: Bluetooth, USB, FM, MIC PORT, AUX for connectivity to more devices at once. It also includes Plug & Play USB/Card (SD/MMC) Reader and you can easily connect it to your DVD, PC, TV, MP3, and many more.

DOLBY Digital Speakers: Yes, it supports Dolby Digital Speakers technology that gives you clear Sound and 8 inch of Sub-woofer gives you the extra bass and clear and Smooth Music.


  • Disturb free music at every volume
  • Includes remote control which helps to manually change the volume and bass according to person’s preference
  • It has all kind of connectivity options
  • Less weight


  • The remote system is slow.

Should you Buy this?

At this price range, I think it is the best speaker as it includes all kinds of features customer needs.

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Tower Speakers Buying Guide: Things to Know

There’s no doubt that Tower Speakers are not that cheaper. You gonna have to spend a really heavy amount to buy a decent quality tower speaker.

In that case, you would definitely want to know the basic knowledge and concepts behind buying a good quality tower speaker that suits you best.

Frequency response or range

All speakers no matter, home theater or earphones have frequency response it is measured in Hertz (Hz) which tells us how many tones it can produce. It looks something like this- 40Hz – 15kHz.

The first number will tell about the bass it will produce and the second will give you information about the upper limit of the speaker’s tonal range(high frequencies). The Wider your Tower Speaker has frequency range more it will produce quality sound and bass.


Driver is the rounded portion of the speaker from which the main sound produce.  The driver categorized into mid-bass, mid-range or bass drivers. This will show the frequency spectrum produced by the driver.


A cabinet is just a structure or box where speakers or bass are held in. Things to check while checking Cabinet are, its weight must be light too heavy will make the problem of portability and material of cabinet, most wood and plastic materials are good enough to produce wonderful sound and bass mix.


Impedance is measured in ohms, it is current resistance impacting the load that speaker can handle coming from the amplifier. Difficult? don’t worry, Just keep in mind that lower the impedance rate, the more efficiently and effectively the electric signal could pass through it.

Well, electric signal here means the Music, which could easily pass through the speakers. Tower speaker generally have satellite speakers that have impedance between 4, 6, or 8 ohms, sometimes 4 ohms speakers don’t work as they were supposed to but don’t worry all speakers in best tower speakers under 5000 in India has worked perfectly fine.


Tweeter is another small driver in the tower speaker that has a diameter of about 1 inch or even lesser. The main purpose of tweeter is to control the treble of the sound.


port in tower speakers

You probably must have noticed in the subwoofer or speakers itself the small hole responsible for producing wind-like thumping bass from that hole. It is responsible for bass response in the tower speaker.

A speaker containing one sub-woofer must have only one Port. It can be round or even rectangular.


Some Towe Speakers offer Satellite speakers but most don’t. These are very small type of speakers that can be placed anywhere you want especially built for surround sound feel. They have tweeters and small drivers in them. Shapes can be in different ranges.

Sub Woofer

Mostly in case of tower speakers sub-woofer is in-built. You won’t get any separate sub-woofer which is quite good on other hand. The main purpose of sub-woofer is to produce bass, In tower speakers 6.5 to 15 inch driver in included with no tweeter in them.

They are generally low frequency to produce the maximum bass effect.

Speaker Material

Tower Speakers Cabinet and speakers are made of different materials like Metal, plastic, ploy plastic, rubber, wood and more. Every material has different sonic properties like metal will produce more treble, wood will produce more bass and plastic more sound.

The best option would be premium plastic and wood material would be the perfect option for you. Also, make sure it’s lightweight so that can be moved anywhere, and strength for clearer sound without any distortion.

How much should you spend on Tower speakers?

Well, there’s no limit on spending on tower Speakers as there are tower speakers that can be bought for 30k and also there are tower speakers that are good enough at 5,000.

Here, we have the Best Tower Speakers under 5,000 in India that are good enough for small to medium-size rooms and if you want something bigger you can check here Tower speakers under 10,000 INR.

How to place Tower Speakers to get most out of it?

Buying tower Speaker won’t make any difference until you don’t place them in a perfect way. In most certain cases you get 2 Tower speakers, which you can place right in front of TV but you just have to place it little next and front to TV. Check the image below.


The Usage of Tower Speakers

Before you go and buy Tower Speakers, you must know the major reason why you should buy Tower Speakers. If you want surround sound with complete control over connectivity then you can go with Home Theater System.

Tower Speakers are best option for those who want to connect them with TV or some Device like Laptop, it also works best for parties and functions. And also perfect if you are a movie or song lover on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tower speakers worth it?

Yes, Tower Speakers are best who don't want to hold themselves in the jargon of Wiring and connectivity. You want to watch your favorite movies with best Bass and Sound under budget, Tower Speakers are best option.

Do tower speakers need an amp?

No Tower Speakers don't require amp but some people prefer to use amp on their speaker that increase the volume and also the Bass boost.

Which is better Tower Speakers or Sound Bar?

Soundbars generally include separate Subwoofer whereas Tower Speakers have inbuilt everything. Soundbars are a little expensive than tower Speakers. Both works the same but tower speakers are louder than soundbar but sound bar has more options and features.

Do I need a subwoofer with tower speakers?

No, Tower Speakers have in-built Subwoofer with a port on the side.

Does Tower Speakers have Mic in it?

Yes, most Tower Speaker in the list of best Tower Speakers under 5000 includes mic and karaoke in them.

Is 5,000 budget enough for Tower Speakers?

Yes, 5000 budget is quite good for Tower Speakers you get quite good deal in this price in india.


Tower Speakers are one of the most selling Speakers and most used type of speakers with Television for watching movies or listening songs. If you have not decided which one to buy then Overall Best Tower Speaker is Zoook Gladiator 55W Bluetooth Tower Speaker in this list.

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