7 Best Tower Speakers Under Rs. 10,000 [Reviews + Buyer’s Guide]

Are you looking for the best Tower Speakers for your TV? And want:

  • Premium Quality with Value
  • Best for Bass + Sound Mix
  • Comes Under the budget of Rs. 10,000

There are many tower speakers available in the market which vary in their features and benefits.

PreviewProductPower OutputBuy Now
Philips-MMS8085B-94-2.1-Channel-Convertible-Multimedia-Speaker-System1. Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Tower Speaker80 W
Philips-in-SPA-9060B-94-Tower-Speakers2. Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 Tower Speaker60W
INTEX-2.0-Channel-Tower-Speakers3. INTEX 2.0 Channel Standing Speaker70W
Altec-Lansing-AL-4005-Multimedia-Tower-Speaker4. Altec Lansing AL-4005 Tower Speaker140 Watts
T-Series-Blast-10500X-Multimedia-Tower-Speakers-System5. T-Series Blast 10500X Standing Speakers70 Watts
Sansui-WaveBlast-1-Karaoke-Compatible6. F&D T-30X 2.0 Tower Speakers80 Watts
Sansui-WaveBlast-1-Karaoke-Compatible7. Sansui WaveBlast 1 Tower Speakers50 W

So to help you in getting the best one we are here with a curated list of the best tower speakers that are available in India that too in a budget of under Rs 10,000 also buying guide for Tower Speakers.

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Top 7 Best Tower Speakers Under Rs. 10,000 INR [Most Selling]

Note: Don’t forget to read the buying guide of Tower Speakers that will help you selecting the ideal speaker for you. You can select the best Tower Speaker according to different features.

1. Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

(Bass reflex speaker system)


  • 80 watt power output
  • Convertible soundbars
  • Rich bass. Subwoofer driver : 6.5
  • Various input options

Philips, as already mentioned, focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Philips brand is also a well-known brand and if you want durable Tower speakers then this one would be one of your top tower speakers in India under Rs. 10,000.

These tower speakers from Philips are best suited to experience a Theateristic experience at home that too only with a pair of tower Speakers.

Sound output

The speakers are capable of giving an output of 80 wattage that can produce thumping and powerful sound effects.

The system includes a pair of soundbars and speakers all are of floor standing type. It also comes with a remote control and a cable for connecting.

Wireless connectivity

The speakers are enabled with Bluetooth support that makes its use easy and convenient.

The speakers can be connected with any Bluetooth supported device and songs can be streamed quickly.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Bluetooth supported.
  • Value for money.


  • No microphone for karaoke.
  • Less connectivity options.
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2. Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 Tower Speakers

(Over-all Best Product)


  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • 60W of Power Supply
  • Built-in FM
  • Rich bass
  • USB direct for music playback

Philips, a brand that has made its mark in the industry has come up with this tower speaker that is battery operated. After reviewing maybe around 7 different Tower Speakers this was in our top list of best tower speakers in India under Rs. 10,000.

The tower speakers are best suited for any home or room.

The speakers can ensure the best sound effect for you while listening to music or watching movies.


The tower speakers from Philips have a good number of connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB port, FM tuner all of which enable a hassle-free sound experience from various sources.

Because of its Bluetooth connectivity, it can also be connected with Bluetooth enabled devices easily.

USB direct

The tower Speakers have a USB port and complete file transferability from USB can help in easy streaming of songs from digital music through the built-in USB direct.

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  • Compatible with any bluetooth enabled device.
  • FM tuner allows you to listen to radio stations.
  • Produces good sound quality.


  • No mic provided.
  • Less power output comparatively.
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3. INTEX 2.0 Channel Tower Speakers

(Best Runner’s up pick)


  • 2.0 channel speaker
  • Wide connectivity options
  • Lighting effect
  • Item Weight: 33 kg 600 g

The Intex 2.0 channel tower speakers have been equipped with great technology and the best components that deliver a high-quality clear sound.

The system never compromises in taking to a new audio experience when you start to use them. For awesome look and design, this INTEX tower speaker is at 2nd in the list of top 7 best Tower Speakers in India.


The tower speaker is made of a durable metal body that gives it a glossy finish. The sleek design of the speakers makes it easy to set up and suitable for anyplace. The speakers also have led lighting that enhances the experience while listening to music.

Sound quality

The tower Speakers never compromise with sound quality. The speakers are 2.0 channel speakers and have two mics that are Bluetooth supported.

The bass and treble is excellent and the sound quality is clear. Even at high volumes, sound distortion is less making it more sought by customers.

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  • Clear sound effect.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Multiple input ports.
  • Value for money.


  • Nothing so far.
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4. Altec Lansing AL-4005 Multimedia Tower Speaker

(Advanced Modern Tower Speakers)


  • Twin tower design
  • Wireless mic and remote
  • Good connectivity options
  • Elegant wooden case design
  • Premium finishing & quality sound 

Altec tower speakers are made of a wooden case that brings out the best audio quality.

If you’re looking for technically advanced tower speakers that come under a budget of Rs. 10,000 then this option would be perfect for you.

The speakers come with a wireless microphone, 3.5mm cable, and a remote for quick control. The elegant looking twin tower speakers can be placed anywhere in your home.

Output wattage

The twin tower Speakers have got 70-watt power output even being lightweight.

The speakers give out 140-watt audio wattage together to enhance audio quality thereby improving the experience while watching or listening to music.

Connectivity options

The speakers have got solid connectivity options which include wireless connectivity through Bluetooth compatibility, and also wired sources like AUX cable, USB connectivity, and Sd card port.

It also has a built-in FM tuner that allows you to listen to radio stations as well.


  • 140-watt audio output.
  • Comes with a Wireless microphone and remote.
  • The elegant wooden case improves audio quality.


  • No LED lighting effect.
  • Comparatively less operating distance through bluetooth.
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5. T-Series Blast 10500X Multimedia Tower Speakers System

(Included Mic & Remote)


  • Wireless mic and remote control
  • Multimedia compatible inputs
  • Produces a powerful sound effect
  • Power Output: 70W (35+35W) RMS

The T-Series tower speakers are classic and sound-oriented audio equipment. These can definitely help you to turn your home into a theater within a few seconds of setup.

The speakers are widely compatible making it easy for you to listen to surreal and surround sound effects.


The speakers are compatible with various modes like Bluetooth, multimedia input ports like USB and SD card slot.

The speakers can be easily connected to smart devices with Bluetooth and also with TV, Pc, DVD, and listen to your favorite music without hassles.

Surround sound

The tower speakers are floor standing type and are 28 inches in height.

The speakers come with a tweeter and a pair of woofer bass radiators. All this equipment produces a well-balanced sound which can reach every corner of the house clearly without any distortion.


  • Comes with a microphone for karaoke.
  • Good surround sound experience.
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Sleek and stylish design.


  • Comparatively low audio output of 70watts.
  • Comparatively expensive.
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6. F&D T-30X 2.0 Floor Standing Bluetooth Speakers

(Affordable Budget Friendly)

F&D T-30X 2.0 Floor Standing Bluetooth Speakers

F&D, a brand that is more into audio equipment has come with a wide range of home theater systems and speakers including these tower speakers.

F&D is another well-known brand that comes under the price of Rs. 10,000 includes the best Tower Speakers in India.

These speakers come with a wireless microphone, a remote, 3 cables, and a pair of batteries. The speakers include a tweeter and a full-range driver to make sure every corner of your room is reached.


The speakers create an elegant decor that can complement your home decor. The speakers are sleek and stylish and can be placed anywhere in the room without any hassles.

The speakers also have LED light indicators, volume control, changing the modes on the front panel for easy control.

Supporting devices

The speakers can be connected to any of your devices with Bluetooth with an operating distance of 10m.

The speakers can be paired easily and music can be played. It also supports a USB reader that supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding.

It can also pair perfectly with most of the TVs easily.


  • Decent bass quality.
  • Built in FM tuner.
  • Supports USB reader.


  • No memory card slot.
  • Nothing other than that.
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7. Sansui WaveBlast 1 Karaoke Compatible

(Touch Sensor 50 W)


  • Wireless remote and mic
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Power Output(RMS): 50 W
  • Memory card slot available

Sansui is one of the pioneers and oldest manufacturers of Electronics. This tower speaker from Sansui is a sleek and elegant pair of speakers that also come with a mic and remote control.

They can be placed anywhere in the room because of their compact design and you can enjoy high-quality sound experience.

Audio quality

The Sansui tower speakers produce a 50-watt audio output that is enough for sound to reach every corner of the room. The bass is great and the sound quality is also awesome.

The speakers are also touched sensor-enabled making it more convenient to use and stream music.


The speakers can be connected through an AC adapter or also by pairing the speakers with any smart device through Bluetooth.

It has also got a memory card slot for quick streaming of songs from your memory card directly.


  • Microphone for karaoke.
  • Bluetooth supported.
  • Touch sensor enabled.
  • Good sound experience.


  • No built in FM.
  • Not compatible with multimedia inputs.

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Final Words

These were some of the best tower Speakers available in the market that too under a budget of Rs 10,000.

So check them and choose the best one that can suit your needs and requirements.

Select the best tower speaker system and enjoy it while listening to music or while watching movies. Also, don’t forget to check out the buying guide of Tower Speakers below.

Buying guide for Tower Speakers: How to Choose perfect one

If you are planning to buy a pair of tower speakers to improve the audio quality while listening to music and watching movies, then you would have been confused about what are all the points to be considered, what are features to be checked, and whatnot.

Yeah, it is pretty common to have so many questions revolving in your head about the speaker system and the weight of choosing the best one and feeling proud of yourself is quite common.

So to help you with that we are here with a buying guide for Tower Speakers.

What tower speakers exactly is?

Tower speakers are also known as floor standing speakers can deliver a good quality surround sound in your home or room.

Since these speakers are a long investment, you have to select the suitable one that can produce a satisfactory quality of sound.

The speakers that are equally competitive to tower speakers are bookshelf speakers, they are comparatively small and are suitable for small rooms and sound quality is good for listening to lower volumes.

But tower speakers are the go-to choice by many for whom loud, full sound with rich bass is life.

Points to be considered before buying tower Speakers

Types of Speakers

The first thing to consider is the type of drivers available in tower speakers. Generally, there are 4 types which include tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers, and subwoofers.

The drivers produce sound by vibrations and can increase sound coverage. The different types of drivers produce different frequencies of sounds 20 to 30,000Hz.

All speakers in this list of top 7 best Tower Speakers in India Under Rs. 10,000 are good enough in frequencies.


Tweeters produce sound at high frequencies while subwoofers produce less frequency sound.

The next important thing to consider is the cabinet. The cabinet of speakers should be solidly built but sound distortion should be very low.

The cabinet also should be considered in a point of view from what material it is made and whether it will match the room aesthetics.

Configuration of speakers

Configuration of speakers is also an important point to be considered. Generally, there are three main types which include two, three, and four-way speakers.

Two-way speakers contain a tweeter and a woofer, three-way speakers contain a tweeter, a midrange woofer, and a woofer and at last four-way speakers consist of a super tweeter along with others.

Generally, three-way and four-way speakers are more sought after by audiophiles than two-way speakers since they can deliver detailed sound even at high volumes.

Speaker size

Speaker size is also an important factor that can be chosen after selecting the above parameters.

The size of speakers depends on room size, space available to fit it, aesthetics of the room among others.

Larger rooms require large speakers that can produce a loud sound. If the room has soft materials, they may absorb more sound, thereby you may require large speakers.

Other Features

These were some of the important points to be considered while buying tower speakers.

Some other features that you can consider include other features like frequency response, impedance, and sensitivity.

Frequency response: Frequency response specifies the frequency range of sound produced by the speakers and is measured in Hertz.

Impedance: Impedance is the resistance offered by current that impacts the load the speakers can handle and is measured in ohms.

Common values of impedance are 4, 8, and 16 ohms. It is better to have speakers with matching impedance with that of your amp.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity measures the efficiency of the speaker in converting power to sound and is measured in decibels. More the sensitivity, more the efficiency of speakers.

How to Setup Tower Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tower speakers good?

Yes, Floorstanding speakers are designed to produce more impactful sound. They will have dedicated drivers to reproduce low, mid and high frequencies. Sometimes, they might have two drivers for low frequencies.

Can I use tower speakers for surround?

Yes, tower speakers are generally good for surrounding it produces surround sound to every corner of the room.

Are bigger speakers better?

Well, in case of tower speaker, yes, it's matters. However, more bigger speakers could eventually turn up loud sound which you don't want at all, do you?

How big should surround speakers be?

The main thing is to have front speakers that are large enough and powerful enough to go down to below 50 Hz and provide decent power and bass. This usually requires a minimum of a 5.5 inch main driver or larger.

How to place tower speakers in Room?

You can place them in standing position, they can also be laid down horizontally but it's not recommended.

How far should speakers be from TV?

If you are sitting 6 feet from the television, then each stereo speaker needs to be 3 feet away from the television. The center speaker should be aligned with the center of your television.

Final Words

These were some of the points and features that had to be considered to select the best tower speakers from a lot available in the market.

So check all the features and match it with your needs and requirements to choose the best one and enjoy high quality sound at your home.


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