TOP 8 Best-Selling DVD Players (2021 India) + Buyer’s Guide

DVD Players are still the most widely used product in India. There is still a huge market for DVD Players and the market is full of different products.

It becomes difficult to choose which one would be best for you, to make this easy, we have concluded the list of Top 8 Best DVD Players in India for 2021.

Not only the list of best products but also a Buying guide that will help you choose the ideal DVD Player for you. The list is based on number of factors like, Technology Support, USB Support, and other features like Parental Control and more.

8 Best DVD Players in India 2021

It is suggested to check the Buyer’s Guide which is below this list of all products. You can scroll down once you selected your favorite DVD Player.

1. LG DP132 Multi-Format DVD Player with USB Plus

(Over-all Best DVD Player)


  • Power Consumption of 9W
  • Item Weight 907 g
  • Multi playback feature
  • AV Inputs/Outputs: Analog Audio 2ch Output:
  • Composite Video Out: 1, USB 2.0: 1
  • JPG Playback, MP3 and DivX
  • Dolby Digital Support + Parental Lock

LG, a brand that focuses on customer preference, has come up with this model of the DVD player. LG is one of those who first introduced DVD players in India, their trust makes it the number one best DVD Player in India.

This has many features such as multi playback feature, direct USB recording.

The player ensures enjoyment while watching your favourite movies or listening to songs. The DVD player also has a remote control for easy control while watching movies without any interruption.

Multi Playback feature

This feature allows users to listen or watch a DVD while USB is allowed to playback any other file stored in the same.

This feature is unique that makes this stand out of the crowd.

Input options

The DVD player has various input options for versatility in its usage which include Analog input, USB, CD. The player is also compatible with many formats of audio and video effortlessly.


Model year 2013
Power output 9 watt
Weight 907grams
Warranty 1 year


  • Multi Playback option
  • Audio super mp3 & Wav file not play
  • Direct USB recording
  • Solid input options
  • Simple design and setup


  • Nothing so far
  • No Volumne Control Key

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2. Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player

(Best Runner’s up Pick)


  • Progressive scan
  • Many connectivity options
  • Slim design
  • RCA Connector Type

Sony, A well-established brand has introduced this model which has a slim, mid-size design. There wasn’t huge difference between LG and Sony but 2nd best DVD player in India is of Sony.

The model has a progressive scan feature that scans the input options quickly with an easy to use interface.


The DVD player has various input options making it versatile in its usage. At the backside, it has input ports for coaxial, Aux input, and output ports for video and audio.

Progressive scan

This feature of the DVD player quickly scans the input source for easy handling of the source. Using rote control you can easily select the movie or song you want and can enjoy the same.


Model year 2012
Power output 5 watts
Weight 1180grams
Memory Card slot DVD
Warranty 1 year


  • Easy to set up
  • Multi-disc resume
  • Progressive scan
  • Allows watching from where we stopped


  • Need a converter to use this

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3. iBELL 2288 Prime DVD Player Channel with USB Port

(18 Months Warranty)


  • Various output options
  • 16:9 / 4:3 two screen size for TV
  • USB 2.0 reader and USB copy function
  • USB reader with copy function
  • Built-in Amplifier

Supporting Video Formats: Mp4, 3GP,Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2 (Low bit rate),PAL / NTSC dual system compatible, With Powerful build-in-amplifier

iBell has come up with this prime DVD player which has wide compatibility and will never forget to entertain you at any cost.

It has a LED display with a 5.1 channel surround audio output. iBell is another popular brand at a cheaper price this makes it in 3rd position in best DVD Players in India

It has various customizable options with various lock functions. It deserves to be at first but the reason it is at 3rd is that many people have this belief of Ibell to not be a trusted company.


The DVD player is compatible with many video formats such as MP4, 3gp, Mpeg1, Mpeg1, Pal/NTSC.

It also has a built-in amplifier to ensure a Theater-istic experience. It has fiber optical and coaxial output with 8 dialogue languages and 32 subtitle languages.

Customizable options

The DVD player has two screen sizes which are 16:9 and 4:3 which can be customized. It also has children lock and English lock function for easy use.

It has a USB 2.0 reader with a copy function that allows a quick search of videos or music.


Model year 2012
Weight 1450grams
Memory Card slot DVD, SVCD
Warranty 1.5 years


  • LED display
  • Wide range of language options
  • USB reader and copy function
  • Remote control


  • Comparatively bulky.
  • Always need fast forwarding when restarted

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4. Panasonic DVD-S700 Region Free DVD Player Premium Overseas Specification

(Premium Pick of the List)


Panasonic, a brand that was there from ages in the industry. The DVD player has a slim design that is easy to set-up.

The device has various input and output options and will not compromise in entertaining us.


The DVD player has a remote for easy control with a 10metre range of the same. The users can control a DVD player at its user interface without any hassles.

Connectivity options

The DVD player has HDMI connectivity options and ports for output options. Users can also use CD and USB for playing movies and music.


Model year 2016
Weight 1360grams
Memory Card slot DVD
Warranty 1 year


  • Easy to use
  • Easy connectivity options
  • Remote control for easy control
  • Brand Value


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No LED display

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5. Impex Prime DX1 5.1Ch DVD Player with Amplifier

(Budget Pick of the List)


  • External mic input option
  • Built-in amplifier
  • 5.1 channel output
  • USB plug and play option
  • Mic Input and USB Copy Function

Impex DVD player delivers a realistic and powerful video experience along with high-quality audio experience.

This DVD player is stylish and powerful with better sound enforcement and video quality.

You may not have heard of this brand before but It won’t disappoint you, another good pick in the best DVD Players in India.


The DVD player is compatible with DIVX/AVI/DVD/CD/MP3/JPEG/MPEG etc. It also has a built-in amplifier with a switch to on/off the same. It has a coaxial output.

USB play and plug

The DVD player allows the use of a USB reader as an input option along with USB copy option.

The USB can be used to copy the components of the DVD to USB easily. The USB plug and play option allow direct play from USB source.


Weight 1360 grams
Power 100-240AC
Memory Card slot VCD, DVD, CD, MP3
Warranty 1 year


  • Wide compatibility
  • DVD to USB copy option
  • Remote control
  • Mic input option externally


  • No LED display

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6. iBELL Castor CT0928 Prime HD DVD Player Channel

(Perfect for karaoke)


  • LED display
  • Karaoke function
  • 5.1 channel surround audio output
  • Remote controller

iBELL Castor is the new model released by the company. This model has a LED display with a 5.1 channel surround sound experience.

It is compatible with many formats and ports.

It also has a built-in amplifier to give high-quality sound effects while watching your favorite movies.


This DVD player has a wide range of compatibility ranging from DVD to MP3 and what not. It also is capable of playing 8 dialogue languages and 32 subtitle languages.

It has two sizes that can be customized according to users’ needs.

Karaoke function

It has a port to connect the mic externally and hence supports the karaoke function. It also has various other features like children lock, USB reader, and copy function among others.


Weight 1420grams
Power 110 to 240 Volts
Memory Card slot DVD,CD, MP3 and many more
Warranty 1.5 years


  • Remote control
  • Memory play
  • Progressive scan of input source
  • Dual system compatible


  • Nothing so far

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7. Onix Grand-A 5.1 Ch DVD Player with Amplifier

(2 Mic Input)


  • Built-in amplifier
  • Automatic screen saver
  • 2 Mic Input
  • Streamlined design

Onix DVD players are the best option to give you a Theater-istic experience at the comfort of your home at comparatively less cost. It has a built-in amplifier to enhance sound quality.

It has a slim design and is the best all-around home entertainer. Onix is another brand in the top 8 best DVD Players in India known for its quality durable DVD Players.


The DVD player has a streamlined design in its panel and has got a metallic finish that fits perfectly in any interior.

It has LED lights when connected for easy control. It has also got a built-in amplifier that enhances the sound quality to a greater extent.

Screen saver

This feature enables the screen saving when the video is stopped. It also has a progressive scan feature that scans the input source quickly for easy selection among them.


  • USB copy function
  • Remote control
  • Progressive scan function
  • Wide compatibility options


  • Not sure of supporting formats
  • No HDMI ARC option

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(Perfect for high quality video experience)


  • Progressive scan
  • HDMI output
  • 3053 USB
  • Remote control

A GLE DVD player is perfect for watching movies and listening to music. It has got a remote control for easy control.

It has HDMI output and it can also convert video to 1080p.

HDMI connectivity

Not many DVD players have HDMI connectivity but this one has. The HDMI can convert video to 1080p quality.

It also has a zoom operation that can be used while watching a movie.

Progressive scan

This feature enables a quick scan of the input sources that can help in easy navigation and enhances its interface.

It is also compatible with many sources of input options and has a remote for easy control.


  • LED display
  • Zoom in operations
  • HDMI ARC connectivity
  • Wide compatibility


  • No inbuilt amplifier
  • No multi playback option

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DVD Player Buying Guide: Things to Consider

There are some points that one must remember before buying DVD Player, here are some of them:


The first thing that one must keep in mind is the budget, DVD players are available in under 2,000, and also 8,000, so, it’s obvious 8k DVD player will be better than 2k.


Compatibility is probably the most important thing that most of us forget, you must check whether DVD Player which you’re gonna buy is compatible with all popular formats.

There are some DVD Players which can’t play Blu-ray but you don’t have to worry about it as all the above best DVD Players here will allow you to play DVD Players.


You must check out for connectivity options, what all are the ways to connect it with your TV or LED, this plays important role when you have the right connectivity options.


For the one who travels a lot must check whether your DVD Player is Portable enough so that can be carried anywhere you go. There are some in the list which is portable but I don’t think there’s a huge demand for DVD players to be portable.

Frequently Asked Question

can DVD Player Upconvert Blu-ray Discs?

Yes, DVD Players can convert high resolution Blu-ray disc, but make sure that you have HDMI cables and LED TV to enjoy true high resolution.

Can I play CDs on my DVD Player?

Yes, Of course CDs can be played on DVD Player, both DVDs and CDs are compatible with DVD Players. Some of the DVD Players in the list can even play Last DVD which you've put.

What cables do I need?

More than anything you need is HDMI connector, but you'll get every cable you need along with DVD Player only.

Will you Get Remote?

Yes, Some of the DVD Players have remote with them in the list some doesn't of course because of budget but you can easily operate without remote as well.

Final Words

Priceunder tried to clear you all doubts and questions about the best DVD Player, If you still have any confusion choosing the best one then you can simply go with LG DP132 Multi-Format DVD Player which is over-all best Product in the list.

You can contact us if you want any personal assistance or comment down below to discuss it.

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