11 Best Room Heaters in India 2021 (Buying Guide/Review)

Winters are coming, and one of the most useful things in winters is a heater. A Room heater not only good for your body but it also good for your surrounding and ultimately you feel energetic and increase your efficiency.

So, as there are hundreds of different Room Heaters available out there, here we are gonna pick 11 Best Room Heaters in India that you gonna love.

ProductHeating ElementPower (Watt)Buy Now
#1. Usha QuartzPTC800-W
#2. Havells OFRPTC2900-W
#3. Orpat Oeh-1220PTC2000-W
#4. Lifelong Flarecopper winded motor2400W
#5. Usha Heat ConvectorInbuilt fan2000 W
#6. Morphy RichardsHalogen Tube800W
#7. Ovastar 3030NCHalogen Tube1000w
#8. Usha CH 3408Halogen Tube1000 W
#9. Bajaj MajestyFan1500 W
#10. Monex NewFlash Rod1000W
#11. V-GuardHalogen Tube2000 W

These Best Room heaters based on their review, efficiency, overall performance, type, safety, and many other different perspectives. Every Room heater is unique in its own way so, check out all and then check for best.

Top 11 Best Room Heaters In India Review for Home

Note: We recommend you check out the Buying Guide below this list to know everything you should know before you Buy Room heater in India.

1. Usha Quartz Room Heater

(Heater with quartz tube with Overheating Protection)

Usha Quartz Room Heater

  • Quartz tube
  • 800-Watt
  • Powder coating
  • Safety hooks

You may already know the Brand Value of Usha. This brand always tries to give what best for their customers, and after reviewing different Products we Found Usha Quartz is probably the best Room Heater in India Right Now available.

Safety measures

It is provided with a hook which can hold the power cord at the back of the heater.

It also features an automatic shut-off which will occur if the heater fallen of or tilted and prevents overheating. This Heater deserves to be at first in the list of best Heaters in India.

Comfortable heating

With the two heating positions, you can adjust the form of heating to your comfort.

It can be equipped for a room of up to 150 sq.ft in dimensions. However, it would be ideal for a room of 120 sq.ft.

Final Verdict

To prevent any damage from corrosion it is coated with a powder finish.

It has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on the product.


  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Quartz tube
  • Powder coating
  • Safety hooks
  • Lower power
  • Consumption 1-year warranty


  • Nothing

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2. Havells OFR 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater

(Best Room Heater if you have Budget)

Havells OFR 11Fin 2900-Watt

  • Easy portability
  • Overheat protection
  • PTC Fan Heater
  • Thermostatic heat control
  • Dust filter

This heater is probably the best Room heater if you have a budget of around Rs. 10,000. Speaking about Havels, this company has already had a huge Customer base and trust factor. Most Power of 2900 W makes it completely awesome.

Three modes of heating

To prevent any damage due to overheating it is equipped with overheat protection.

To dispense the heat from the heater all over the room equally it features a fan. You can adjust this heater to three power settings that consume a different wattage.

Easily fits

It is equipped with wheels at the base of the heater so that you can easily move the heater anywhere you want inside the room.

Adjusting heat is now made easy with the thermostatic heat controller. This is why it is 2nd best Room Heater in India.

Final verdict

As we have discussed, it has three variant modes of heating which alter between 1000W, 1500W, and 2500W.

It also comes with cord storage and overheats protection. It features a fan and a thermostatic heat controller.

It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on the product.


  • Three heating modes
  • Thermostatic heat controller
  • Overheat protection
  • Dust filter
  • 1-year warranty


  • Plastic body

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3. Usha Heat Convector Room Heater

(Twin-blade technology)

Usha Heat Convector Room Heater

  • Built-in stand
  • Spot heating
  • 2000-Watt of Power
  • Twin-turbo design

Another Usha Model, If you don’t have a large room and want to get head up to yourself then Usha’s Heat Convector would be the best choice for you and this is why it got 3rd position is best Room heaters in India for home.

Comfortable usage

It is easily portable as it weighs only 3.39 kg. It is designed to have two modes of fan speed and you can adjust three heating positions.

It is equipped with a light indicator which will be very useful in the night times. 

Additional features

It has a thermostat control to adjust the heating output wattage. It is operated in 230 V and you can shift the power between 1000W and 2000W.

The twin-blade fan equipped in this heater ensures even dispense of heat throughout the room.

Final verdict

It is equipped with side vents and spot heating feature.

It provides efficient and instant heating through the twin-turbo design. It has an automatic cut off feature on any voltage fluctuations.

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  • Automatic cut-off
  • Spot heating
  • Twin-turbo design
  • ISI mark


  • Ideal for small room only

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4. Morphy Richards

(King of  Oil Filled Radiator)

Morphy Richards

  • Noiseless and Instant warming
  • Safe and Ease of access
  • Withstand Power Fluctuations

If you have a budget and looking for something like Oil Filled Radiator then without having any second thought go for Morphy Richards Room Heater. The Only reason it is in the 4th position is it’s too expensive to buy.

Invariable Heating

How big your room might be as soon as the heater is turned on the rooms gets warmed almost instantly.

The 2400W Power does a great job it also makes sure that the room is uniformly heated and the warmth can be felt at every nook and corner.

Safe and Mobility

The Morphy Richards is known for customer safety in their products and as usual, this heater ensures maximum safety to its users.

The product is also lightweight and wheels ensure that the heater can be moved anywhere.

The wall mount is also provided so that you can attach them to the walls if needed in this best home heater.

Ideal power consumption

When compared to its performance 2400W power consumption is actually great. The heater is designed to withstand any power fluctuations efficiently.

The product also comes with a 2 years Warranty and good customer support from the brand has been witnessed.

Product features in a nutshell:

If you wish to buy a safe and energy-efficient heater then Morphy Richards worth every single penny.

Also, its uniform warming and mobility make this the best buy. The 2 years warranty is an additional factor you have to consider while buying.


  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Noiseless functionality


  • Oil-filled heater
  • Doesn’t have a humidifier

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5. Lifelong Flare 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater

(Quality and Trust from ISI Certified Brand)

  • Safety Fuse
  • Noiseless
  • Comes with Home Service
  • Copper Motor with 2400 RPM
  • Adjustable thermostat

We all know that Lifelong is one of the leading brands in home appliances and manufacturing some of the best products. If you want quality with Brand then Lifelong certified ISI Mark is something that it already has.

Safety measures

It is equipped with a safety mesh grill around the exhaust to prevent you from any damage.

It also has an automated switch-off feature which turns off the motor if it reaches above 130 degrees Celcius.

There is also a safety fuse in this heater. For Safety this is probably the best Room Heater in India.

Flame retardant body

The body has a flame retardant property that has resistant against any accidental fires.

The copper element provides you the efficient heating. The motors have an RPM of 2400 per minute and work with 2000 watts.

Final verdict

This product has the utmost protection to prevent any accidents as it has a safety grill, automated switch off, etc.

It is powerful enough to provide heating for a medium-sized room with its copper element.


  • Metal grill
  • Automated switch off
  • 2400 RPM motor
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Plastic body

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6. Usha CH 3408 Carbon Room Heater

(Less power consuming and Stylish heater)

Usha CH 3408 Carbon Room Heater

  • Just 800W Power Usage
  • Ideal for Nighttime usage
  • Timer for 3 hrs

Again Usha’s Product but different Model and Different Features. Usha CH 3408 is Carbon Heater that is best for body and blood circulation and can even be better when the temperature is really low.

Nighttime companion

Its low luminescence makes it the best buy for night time usage and also the power consumed is way much less when compared to that of the other heaters.

The heater can be used both in the horizontal and vertical directions which is also an additional advantage.

The design is also different from the rest of other heaters available in the market.

Infrared Light

The IR light produced not just produces greater uniform heat but also can be used to treat Muscle pain.

The dual-mode operation is not often found in most of the heaters and this supports it that adds additional value to your money.

I also produce very little noise. If you want something advanced then this Room Heater would be the best Room Heater for you.

Overheat protection

Thermal cut out also ensures that the room is not overheated and produces heat according to the room temperature.

The timer can be set so that you can sleep without any worries about power consumption. The product also includes a 1-year warranty.

Product features in a nutshell

Usha is a well-known brand across Indian homes and also they are known for their quality.

So you don’t have to be worried about the durability and reliability of the product.

Also, the sleep timer and overheat supervising make this product unique.


  • IR light
  • 3 hours timer
  • Low power consumption


  • Not optimal heat
  • High cost

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7. Orpat Oeh-1220 Fan Room Heater

(PTC heating element)

Orpat Oeh-1220 Fan Room Heater

  • Noiseless operation
  • 2 variant modes of heating
  • 200sq.ft coverage

ORPAT Group is a Company that is getting a good amount of customer base in urban areas, and the Orpat Fan Room heater is another good pick if you wand budget best Room Heaters in India.

Effective heating

It is equipped with a PTC element. It has coverage of up to 200 sq.ft. It also has coverage up to 200 sq.ft area.

Two modes of heating

We can alter the heat output wattage settings through the controller and can adjust between 1000w and 2000w output.

Its body is made up of plastic and metal. It is equipped with a fan and 4 fins and 2 heat settings.

Final verdict

It features a noiseless operation and ensures automatic fan switch off. It has a warranty of 1 year on the product for the manufacturing defects.

It has a rotary type controller to adjust the output wattage of the heater.

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  • 1-year warranty
  • Noiseless operation
  • 2 variant modes of heating
  • 200sq.ft coverage


  • There is no tip-over switch
  • There is no timer on the product

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8. Bajaj Majesty RX 11

(Heater in winter and Fan in summer)

Bajaj Majesty RX 11

  • Dual-mode Operation
  • Better Heating Efficiency
  • Overheating prevention

Another Fan Heaters comes up with Bajaj’s Fan Room Heater. This heater ensures saftey and you will get Full Brand support and quality from Bajaj.

Safety features

Bajaj is a brand that makes no compromises with safety in all products they manufacture and this is an ideal example.

The product comes with triple safety assurance such as Thermostat, auto thermal cutout, thermal fuse which you might not see in other brands.

Moderate power consumption

Considering the price point and its performance the power consumption of 2000W is less and it can be used either vertically or horizontally.

It also ensures that overheating is prevented and comes along with additional features.

Strong and Durable

The quality of the product is jaw-dropping. The body is actually made of high-quality plastic.

It also comes along with a warranty of 2 long years. The flat design occupies less space when compared to others and also can be mounted in the wall.

Product in a nutshell

If you are looking for a heater that occupies less space and a budget-friendly heater from a reliable brand then Bajaj Majesty RX 11 would be the best competent to other room heaters available in the market. So you can go with it.


  • Flat Design
  • Safety features overloaded
  • 2 years warranty


  • Big plug point
  • It’s a bit noisy

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9. Ovastar 3030NC Carbon Room Heater

(Elegant and compactly Designed)

Ovastar 3030NC Carbon Room Heater

  • Ideal Power Consumption
  • Auto revolving
  • Safe and reliable.

Another Carbon heater that comes under Budget. If you Want Heater that is good for your health and body then this carbon heater is best for that, and good pick for best Room Heaters in India for Home.

Low Power Consumption

Ovastar is one the less power consuming heaters available in the market which is just 1500W Also the compact design is the factor that you have to consider.

The time taken to warm the entire room is also moderate and does a good job without any overheating.

Additional Features

Also, the heater is auto revolving so the heat can be spread and split up across the room.

The halogen heating element which includes 2 rods is also the feature that deserves applause. The design is sleek and elegant.

Safety Scores

The heater is with a mesh to prevent the users from getting hurt. Also, the Safety cut off feature makes it a good pick.

The warranty is the only area that you have to be concerned about as the company doesn’t provide any warranty details in Flipkart.


  • Sleek Design
  • Less power consumption
  • Halogen heating element


  • Warranty not available
  • Unpopular brand

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10. Monex New Winter Range 2

(Lowest priced flashy room heater)

Monex New Winter Range 2

  • Nickel Chrome plated
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Power consumption of 1000W

Missing those Old style Rod heaters, don’t worry, this is is why I inlcuded this best old Rod Heater of Monex. I won’t say it’s good choice but for people who want old style heating for them it’s best choice.

Strength of Steel

The product has a stainless steel reflector which makes it one the most long-lasting heaters in the market. Also, the product comes with a 1-year warranty. The product has been reported to last longer when compared to other heaters in this price range.

Safety and Performance

The product has got a mesh for safety which is Nickel chrome plated which is a great conductor of heat and two flash rods make sure that the heat is uniformly distributed across the room. Reflectors promote better warmth.

Power Consumption

It is also one of the low power consuming heaters available in the market which is just 1000W. It’s hard to find an energy-efficient heater like Monex New winter range 2 in this price range. Thus the time taken to warm large might belong at times.

Product features in a nutshell

If you are looking for a low budget, durable, and moderate performing room heater then monex would be your best companion during winter. The steel reflector and nickel chrome plated mesh also adds additional credits.


  • Low price
  • Nickel-plated and Steel Reflector
  • Low power consumption


  • Moderate performance
  • Unimpressive Design

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11. V-Guard RHQT1000 Halogen Room Heater

(Sleek design and Above average performer)

V-Guard RHQT1000 Halogen Room Heater

  • Elegantly designed
  • best performing heater
  • first-class customer care

V-Guard is getting popularity over the past few years and we all know that companies’ primary motive is to give you completely unique product that is best for users. And the same goes here this Room Heaters is best designed and best quality at affordable price.


When it comes to performance V-Guard never disappoints its customers and this product is not an exception.

The Room heater works without any noise and also the time is taken to heat the entire room large or small is moderate and does a pretty good job.

Customer support

V-Guard provides excellent customer care support and this heater comes along with a 1-year warranty the product works perfectly fine without any issues.

The power consumption is also ideal and the performance in this price range worths it.

Automatic Tip over

The features include an automatic tip-over thus in case of any overheating or tipping over the Automatic tip over is enabled.

Dual heat setting is also something you have to consider while buying this heater. Overall it’s the best deal.


  • Automatic tip-over
  • Sleek Design
  • Dual heat setting


  • Ideal only for domestic usage
  • Average safety features.

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Things you Must Know Before Buying Room Heater: Buying Guide

Types of Room Heater

Generally, Room Heaters are classified into 3 categories:

1. Infrared Heaters

infrared room heaters

Infrared Room heaters are widely used Room heaters and these heaters are most convenient to buy. Gives you the Same effect just like Campfire. You won’t get any fan so, these are suitable if don’t want to heat for a complete room.


  • Using Less Energy, it is the most efficient heater
  • Noise Free and Healthy
  • Cheaper to Buy and Eco-friendly
  • Easy to Carry


  • Generally Less Safer
  • No Heating when turned off

2. Fan Heater (Ceramic Heaters)

fan room heater

Fan Heaters which are also known as Ceramic heater is best for heating up large rooms, and another thing which I liked about this is it’s easy to carry. Ceramic coil heats will emit hot air and the convection heater, heats your from quickly.

As the name suggests this heater comes with a fan that will let air and heat go into the corners of the room easily.


  • Consumes Less Energy
  • Ceramic Heats up quickly
  • Spreads through the Room
  • Good For Body


  • Heating Not up to the Mark

3. Oil Filled Room Heater

oil filled room heater

Oil Filled Room Heaters are modern technology heaters, and probably the best heaters for Room. It takes some time to heat up but when it gets heated then you will experience the heating experience for longer hours.


  • Consumes Electricity Energy
  • Product Less Noise
  • Heating Will Remain for Long Hours
  • Best for health and Skin
  • Doesn’t Burn Oxygen


  • Little Expensive
  • Takes Time to Heat

Another important thing which you should look before you buy Room Heater for you is heating capacity. That means How much area it could cover. There’s a formula for finding this, every 10 watts of power cover a square foot of room. And 2000 watts power will cover around 200 square foot.

Energy Efficient

It’s really important to see that a good Room heater must be Energy efficient, you don’t want any room heater that consumes too much of your energy. Fan Room Heaters Consumes little more energy but it’s good to choose oil filled or Infrared Room Heaters. And also check for energy saving Modes or adjustable thermostats.

Safety Features

It’s really important that you choose the safest Room heater, even when someone gets closed to the room heater doesn’t get harmed. Many Good Brands has features of Cool Surfaces Touch. And features like overheat protection, the safety modes or auto turn off when touch.

Noise Level

Noise Level is another important factor that people ignore, most Room heaters produce noise but you must check for that which doesn’t produce too much noise. Oil Filled Room heater produces the least sound whereas Fan Heaters produce the most.

Humidity and Oxygen Level

Oil Filled Room heaters burn too much oxygen so, you must use them accurately. In fan heaters, air goes through from hot coil and then turns out to be warm.

Fan Heaters and Infrared heaters consume lesser oxygen and humidity level. But Proper and decent usage of Oil Filled Room heater is would not consume too much oxygen.


It is really important that you can transport Room heater from one location to another. Wheels below the heater or handle is good sign of Portability.


It completely depends upon your choice, expensive it the oil filled, then fan and Infrared but the best one is Oil-filled and they are also very efficient so that they will save your money in long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of room heater is good for health?

If there's patient with respiratory or heart problem then he must use Oil-filled heaters. Yes, they are expensive but we can't take risks against our health, do we? Oil-filled heaters have pipes filled with oil. The air doesn't dry out because it's passing over hot liquid oil to soak up heat.

Which type of heater is cheapest?

The Cheapest Heater is an Infrared heater or lamp heat which transfers heat in to form of energy to the body with lower temperature in the form of electromagnetic radiations.

Is it OK to sleep with heater on?

No, definitely not, leaving your heater on overnight will increase risk of various diseases. Its always better to use heater only for a certain amount of time, not above that.

How much Electricity does Room Heater use?

This means for each hour the space heater is running it consumes 1.5 kWh of electricity, which costs about Rs 10. So, It depends upon you how much you using it.

Do Infrared heaters reduce Oxygen Level?

Yes, Infrared Heater reduce the Oxygen Levels, in that case the best choice would be Oil-filled Heaters.

Final Words

I hope you have checked all the Room heaters and found your favorite one, and also make sure you clearly read the buying guide and check all the FAQ if you have any doubt. The above list is up to date as our experts have a clear sight of all those newly launched Products online you will get the latest products only.

But if you still have any questions then you can comment below or contact us on Contact Page. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends to let them know about these all Room Heaters.

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