6 Best Inverter & Battery Combos for Home in India 2021

Solution of frequent Indian Power Cuts is Inverter.

But Choosing the perfect Inverter that could fit perfectly with a supported battery is not an easy task.

You got have some specialized knowledge for that or you can just keep reading the article to know which Inverter and Battery Combo would be perfect for you.

If the battery doesn’t carry information regarding its compatibility, then this will be a major headache. No worries, we have your back and today we bring you the best inverter and battery combos available in the market that are compatible and suitable for your home.

Top 9 Best Inverter Battery Combos in India for Home

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1. Luminous Inverter & Battery Combo with Trolley for Home

(Over-all Best pre-built Combination)


  • Comes with a trolley
  • Rugged construction
  • Good warranty period
  • Easy maintenance

Luminous, one of the leading brands in inverter Batteries has released this combo deal with a trolley. This combo consists of a Zelio sine wave inverter and 120Ah tall tubular battery.

The combo is highly efficient and suitable for frequent power cuts. This combo offers amazing power to your home. This makes it the best Inverter and Battery Combination in India.


The battery and Inverter are made of strong and durable materials. The combo has a rugged construction.

This combo is durable and is made to perform optimally even in heavy-duty applications. The battery also requires very little maintenance making it suitable for Indian conditions.


The inverter has many features like a bypass switch which keeps supplying power even during UPS fault making it perform effortlessly.

The inverter is almost noiseless and highly efficient in performance.

Water level indicator

The inverter battery has 6 water level indicators with an electrolyte level of 14 liters with an allowance of +/-5% at 27°C.

It has an intelligent digital display for indicating water level. It indicates whenever the battery needs water to top-up.


  • Very minimal maintenance required.
  • Comes with a trolley making it easy to transport.
  • Safe for usage in home.
  • Warranty of inverter 24 months and battery 36 months.


  • Installation is not provided
  • Only 4-5 hour backup

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2. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Red Charge RC 18000 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery for Home

(Perfect for home usage)


  • Quick charging
  • The battery can tolerate overcharging
  • Battery level indicator

Luminous, India’s most intelligent inverter and battery have released this combo to reduce the work you were supposed to. This is a combo of a Zelio inverter and Rc 18000 150Ah tubular battery.

It is designed to deliver power efficiently and improve battery life and is capable of enduring frequent power cuts. This is 2nd best Combo in the list of Top Inverter and Battery Combinations in India.

Battery capability

The RC 150 Ah battery is a tall tubular battery. The battery is made of low antimony alloy. It can tolerate overcharging effortlessly without any damage. The battery has a rugged construction which is why it requires low maintenance.

Inverter features

The luminous inverter is also equipped with many features that improve the performance of the same.

It has got an LCD display, 32 bit DSP processor, quick charging ability, and compatibility with various batteries. All these features help the inefficient performance of it.


The backup of this combo depends on wattage and is about 2 hours at 515Watt usage. It can support the use of many home appliances like TV, Bulbs, tube light, fan, and fridge effortlessly.

The maximum bulb load for this inverter is 685 watts. It performs well even in heavy-duty applications.


  • Quick and noiseless charging.
  • Efficient backup.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Overcharge tolerance capability.


  • No installation provided.
  • Gets heated after heavy usage.

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3. V-Guard Prime 1150 + V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat Tubular Inverter Battery

(Your Own Combination)

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat Tubular Inverter Battery

  • Reliable in deep cyclic application
  • Safe for usage
  • Many advanced features
  • High-performance selection switch

V-Guard combo of this battery and Inverter performs at its best in case of power failures. Another Great Manual Combination for Best Inverter & Battery Combo Pack.

The combination is one of the best in the market because of its unique features and capabilities. They have a good backup and also perform well in almost every condition.

Backup of battery

The battery is known to give a backup of about 3.30 to 54 hours depending on the load connected to it.

The battery is suitable for deep cyclic applications and can perform well in high power shortage areas.

Water indicator

The inverter has a water topping reminder that reminds us to top up the distilled water to the battery.

This feature enhances the battery life to a greater extent and ensures consistent performance.

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High-performance selection

The inverter has a high-performance selection switch that helps to change the power output.

This feature can in turn help in running appliances with long backup depending on the requirements.


  • Battery is suitable for heavy application.
  • Battery gravity builder that enhances battery life.
  • Mute buzzer options help in muting the Inverter.
  • Battery top up reminder.


  • You have to buy these separately.
  • Installation not provided.

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4. Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery

(Perfect for rough usage)


  • Comes with a warranty
  • A durable trolley
  • Power back up display

Luminous, as mentioned above, is an intelligent inverter and Batteries company. If you want something ready-made and your requirement is tough usage then Luminous Zelio would be another great Pick.

This combo deal from luminous is a combo of Zelio 1100 inverter and Rc 1800 150 Ah tall tubular battery along with a trolley. The combo is durable, easy to set-up, and requires almost no maintenance.


The trolley of this combo is made of durable material and holds a battery inside the same.

It is made of high-grade plastic, easy to assemble, accommodates the battery perfectly, and is soothing in look from outside. It is one of the best parts of this combo.

Power back-up

The inverter of luminous has a power backup display which is in hours and minutes always.

It gives a clear idea about charging and the duration till which it can work. This feature helps in knowing when to charge and whether we can use it for long power cuts.

Study battery

The battery is the tubular type with a 150 ah power ability. The battery has rugged construction and can be easily carried to anywhere with the use of a trolley.


  • Power backup display.
  • Trolley for carrying.
  • Rugged construction.
  • 24 months warranty for inverter and 36 months for battery.
  • Good backup and performance


  • Nothing as such.

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5. Exide 150 Ah Battery With Zelio 1100 Inverter

(Suitable for urban space)


  • Reliable power backup solution
  • Input mains protection through MCB
  • Fume and leak resistant
  • Easy to carry

Exide and a luminous combo of this battery and Inverter also come with a local trolley. This combo has a battery of Exide Instabrite with 150 Ah power that offers the best power backup.

The luminous Zelio inverter is one of the best and compatible ones available in the market. Exide 150 is another pre-built Best Inverter and Battery Combo.

Inverter ability

The Zelio inverter is packed with advanced features such as sine wave Technology, grid like supply of power during power cuts. The battery is having a voltage window of 110 to 285 volts, optimum being 180- 230 volts.

Overcharge tolerance

The battery is made to tolerate overcharging with a requirement of about 10-12 hours for complete charging. The battery can also withstand deep discharge, short circuit without damaging the appliances.

Easy handling

The battery has a pair of moulded handles that ensure easy handling of the same.

The battery top has a lid with anti-splash guards that make the battery fume and leak resistant during the operation. The battery is easy to maintain because of its tough construction.


  • Has a trolley, so easy to carry
  • Safe for usage
  • 24 months warranty for inverter
  • Reliable power backup


  • Trolley is a local brand and weak comparatively
  • Inverter produces some noise during operation

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6. Luminous Eco Watt+ 650 Square Wave Inverter with Red Charge RC 15000 120Ah Recyclable Tubular Battery

(Suitable for heavy application)


  • Square wave output inverter
  • Safe for usage
  • 24 and 36 months warranty for inverter and battery respectively
  • Recyclable battery

Luminous combo again. This itself shows the dominance of the same in this market. This combo has an eco watt inverter and a RC 15000 battery from the luminous.

This combo is a high performance combo that can be used anywhere. Luminous Eco could your another choice in Best Inverter & Battery Combo If you want heavy-duty Product.

They are highly efficient with advanced features that make it one of the safe deals to use.

Three-stage charging

The battery is enabled with this smart charging that ensures safe and efficient charging in turn helping in longer battery life.

The battery can be connected through either eco or ups mode which can ensure safety of appliances depending on usage and requirements.

Square wave inverter

The inverter is equipped with this square wave Technology that ensures safety of appliances and is also compatible with many battery types.

It is built with advanced PCB programming that makes it compatible with many home appliances.


The battery is capable of many features that include overcharge tolerance, deep discharge protection, protection from short circuit and also input mains protection.

All these ensure the safety of users and appliances even during heavy and frequent workload.


  • Safe for usage.
  • Water level indicators
  • Durable build quality
  • Efficient charging and good backup


  • No trolley, so comparatively difficult to carry.
  • Noise during operation

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Why Buy Inverter and Battery Combo?

While many people think that one should buy Inverter separately and Batter alone but the best way would be buying Inverter and Battery Along.

Buying it as a combo would be the best option for you as it will save your money making it more efficient.

Final Words

The combo deals of inverters and batteries are as above. Check those and choose the best one according to your requirement and budget.

Through this we have helped you by taking an extra step that can help you to choose a bit quickly. There are many other deals and combos of these in the market but these were best among them.

So choose wisely depending on the frequency of usage of these, the workload in your home or office, the budget, the features and many more things that are to be considered.

Once you have chosen, confirm it again since these are durable appliances and as well as a good investment so that you will be satisfied with your selection.

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