8 Best (Full Body/Zero Gravity) Massage Chairs in India – Buyer’s Guide

Massage Chairs are one of the expensive investment anybody can make to increase the comfort of their living.

So when you are making such a big investment you should be careful about where you are investing and should know in detail about the product you are willing to buy. Here is a Quick Summary of Best Massage Chairs:

No matter you want a massager chair for yourself or for a massage shop, you must buy the best one, here we are to help you to buy a massage chair and letting you know all the things you should know.

Today, We are here, with the 2020s best full body and zero gravity massage in India with buying guide and all the answers to the question that you should know before you buy any Massage Chair in India.

So, Not wasting your time much, let’s begin:

8 Best Massage Chairs in India (Full Body/Zero Gravity)

Note: We hardly recommend you check the Buyers’ Guide Below this list so, you can know everything to make your best decision and buy the ideal massage chair.

1. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

(Over-All Best Massage Chair)

Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body

  • Ache-improving comfort ease
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • LED lighting on armrest
  • Automatic set with memory set on function M1 and M2

Robotech is a company that is working on health and fitness-related equipment.

It is known for its ability in blending the technology with the body responses in its health care products and equipment. It really helps in making your life more energized and simpler.

Important features

This massage chair is well equipped with some important features which will be discussed briefly below.

Those features are Shoulder detection, massage modes, Auto heating, LED lighting on the armrest, remote controller, and pain relief massage.

Shoulder detection

This zero gravity massage chair is equipped with an auto 2d shoulder detection feature which enables the accurate positioning of the shoulder that can enhance the massage experience.

It also has memory sets M1 and M2 that remember the location and position of six kinds of parts in the upper and lower body that can enable easy operation if continuously used by the same person.

Auto heating

The massage chair has an inbuilt feature of auto heating by the use of carbon fiber through infrared heating.

This feature is most suitable as it helps in warming back muscles which improve the comfort of its users. This makes it one of the best massage chairs in India.

Modes of massage

This machine operates with various modes like kneading, flapping, shiatsu, knocking, etc. So individuals using massage chairs have a wide range of options to choose from.

This also enhances the massaging experience since users can also choose two options at a time.

They are also provided with a set of rollers that can massage the foot in depth from toes to heel effectively.

It has a skin scraping massage feature for arch and heel mastoid while roller massage for papillae on the toe root.

Users have the option of choosing out of 3 which are fixed, partial, and overall massaging options. They can also adjust the speed of massaging according to their requirements.

Massage hands

This massage chair is powered by movable massage hands. These take the massage experience to the next level.

Air pressure massage is delivered by 28 massage bags to arms and legs in three modes. 4

airbags massage upper arm, 8 airbags massage full arm, and 16 airbags for massaging legs. These airbags enhance the massaging experience.

LED lighting and the remote control

There are LED lights on the armrest. This feature enables the visibility of information and also the visual appeal of the massage chair.

The remote is also visually appealing and makes the operation of massage chairs easier and handy.

The remote controller is filled with all the possible operations that can be done to the chair at no time.


  • LED lighting with remote control.
  • Movable massage hands.
  • Shoulder detection.
  • Auto heating.
  • Rollers for foot scraping and massaging.


  • Less airbags compared to others.
  • Expensive.

Final words

This massaging chair is suitable for anybody and can improve various medical ailments. It can help to overcome various pains and offers relief over pain.

This Eve though seems expensive but is worth the money because of its features that increase the user’s satisfaction to a great level.

This also comes with a free demo and 1-year warranty that can be redeemed throughout India. Its magnetic therapy helps to alleviate stress and anxiety very quickly. This makes it trustworthy and the best massage chair in India.

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2. JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair for Home & Office

(Best Premium Pick)

JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

  • Compact Massage Chair for Every Household
  • Full Body Massage with Kneading Rollers and Airbags
  • Ankle and Foot Roller Massage
  • 1 Year JSB National Warranty

JSB is one of the first when it comes to health and fitness for more than 35 years. Now it offers a great variety of products ranging from

Massagers to sports and fitness equipment to body supports and many more. All their products undergo quality checks to give you the best service possible.

If you’re ready to spend a little extra then this Massage Chair would be one of the best Massage chairs in India.

Important features

This massage chair is equipped with very cool features to improve the massaging experience for users.

Some of the important features are Simple interface, Zero gravity, quick launch controls, Full body airbags and rollers, 3D rollers, lower back heat, and many others.

Simple interface

This massage chair is loaded with a simple and easy to use interface. The remote is added with all possible features that chairs can exhibit and are easily controllable through the remote.

It is developed considering people of all ages and making it convenient for everybody. The zero-gravity feature enables you to experience full body massage with all technology of the floor without affecting you at any cost.

It allows users to highly customize their massaging options through remote control.

Lower back heat

It allows users to use a complete recline option while enjoying the heating function that warms the lower back. It is provided with a heater to warm your lower back leading to a high-quality massage experience.


It comes with airbags that can hold and release muscles, and also in the seat airbags inflate to give better flexibility to the back.

All these airbags do their job the same as a professional therapist to give you comfort and convenience. It also has the option to select the massaging of either full body or any body part as per your convenience.


The Best roller mechanism ensures the massaging of hard-to-reach places effectively. It’s L shape also enables a proper back massage.

The rollers are there to reach areas from neck to buttocks to foot and make sure that no part is left without massaging.

The automatic sensors are loaded to detect the spine length to provide you a customized experience.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Many airbags for full body massage.
  • Rollers for back and foot.
  • Zero gravity.
  • L shape gives professional experience.


  • Expensive.
  • No bluetooth connectivity.

Final words

This massage chair is designed so as to be used by everybody. This gives a customized massage experience.

It helps users to overcome pain and ache in various body parts by massaging.

It also helps to promote blood circulation and full-body relaxation that you can expect when you go to a professional therapist.

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3 . JSB MZ19 Full body Massage chair for home and office

(Most Popular Body Massage)

JSB MZ19 Full body Massage chair

  • Luxury 3D Space Saving Design
  • Best For Home and Office
  • Needs just 6 cm at the Back to Recline
  • Air Bags on shoulder/arms/legs/foot

JSB is one of the first when it comes to health and fitness for more than 35 years. Now it offers a great variety of products ranging from Massagers to sports and fitness equipment to body supports and many more.

All their products undergo quality checks to give you the best service possible. It stands with the motto “Thriving hard for your good health”.

Important features

It is preloaded with features an extendable footrest, airbags massage, rollers for back and foot, comfortable recline, zero gravity, and thermal therapy to give optimized massaging to the user.

Extendable footrest

The footrest can be extended according to the length of the legs of users to increase convenience. Even short people can adjust it to their convenience.

All the features can be controlled by remote at ease and also users can adjust the speed of massage in the remote. This makes it one of the best massage chairs in India.

Modes of massage

This massage chair can function in different modes which are Kneading, Tapping, shiatsu, knocking, air squeeze, and thumping.

These modes can be selected by the user to target specific zones on your body. Users can also save their favorite mode of massage for repeating in the future by its two-mode memory.

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Airbags and Rollers

It is equipped with airbags to cover all parts of the body to perform well massaging to relieve muscles.

Shoulder and chest width can be adjusted manually according to users and for optimum functioning of airbags.

Airbags are provided for the shoulder, back, arm, hip, legs, and feet. So nobody part will be left without massaging.

When it comes to rollers they are placed at the back and for the foot. These rollers coupled with thermal therapy give a well massaging experience.

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  • Deep massaging.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Multiple modes of massaging.
  • Multiple airbags.
  • Comfortable recline.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

Final words

This JSW massage chair is suitable for both home and office. It is also space-saving since it requires only 6cm to recline back.

This can help users to get muscle relief and body pain relief to give them a better experience

It is highly customizable according to users’ needs and requirements by the use of a remote controller. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

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4. Body friend 4D Massage Chair

(Most Stylish and Budget Massage Chair in 2020)

Body friend 4D Massage Chair 1

  • Back massage and Head Massage
  • Bluetooth Music Play & Intensity Control
  • One Year Onsite Warranty
  • 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan

Body friend massage chairs are Manufactured by Korean companies and are one of the best massage chairs available in the market.

It is comparatively less priced with other same featured products. It has very good features that make it worth the money you spend on that.

Important features

It has some important features like Automatic timer function, smart remote, Bluetooth connectivity, zero gravity, a 4D feature that enables auto-scanning of the body, multiple airbags, and a 1-year warranty that makes it stand with high-cost massage chairs without any problem.

4D Technology

This technology enables the massage chair to automatically scan the body of users to suit their height, adjust rollers, and airbags.

This feature improves the efficiency of massage chairs by allowing users to be carefree while using this.

It has a zero gravity chair that makes sure no part of your body is left without massaging.

Airbags and rollers

Like any other massage chair, this has also got multiple airbags to cover the body of the user from hands to foot.

It also is equipped with smart rollers for the foot and back coupled with a heating system for the back.

This chair can move the rollers along the track in 3 dimensions that can provide deep massaging.

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Bluetooth connectivity

This unique feature allows you to connect to music while massaging which can improve the efficiency of massaging.

It also has a remote control that can be used to adjust various functions and intensity of massage in chairs.

It is also loaded with an auto timer function by which users can set the duration of massage beforehand and that soothes the user to use it very conveniently.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Automatic timer function.
  • Auto scanning of the body.
  • Comparatively less expensive.
  • Deep massaging experience.


  • No linked armrest.
  • Not possible to lay down or recline completely.

Final words

This is suitable for those people who want to relax after a busy day at work or to elders to relieve their pains or for children to improve blood circulation.

It also improves the massaging experience by its unique features. So this is very good to have if you want a massage chair for everybody to use in your home.

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5. JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity

(Best Massage Chair for Service)

  • Bluetooth Music Connect
  • Dedicated Foot & Calf Massage & Heat
  • Calf Rubbing & Nodal Acupressure Massage
  • Shoulder Roller Width Adjustment
  • Long Reaching 3D Rollers

JSB is one of the first when it comes to health and fitness for more than 35 years. If you want a massage chair for service or your shop then JSB MZ24 3D Massage would best massage chair in India.

If you’re looking for best zero gravity massage chair then this is gonna be your ideal option in 2020.

Important features

It has features like a compact remote, multiple airbags, a foot roller, different modes of massage, an Extendable footrest, a Stretchable recline, a back massage roller, and Bluetooth music connect.

Modes of massage

This premium chair from JSW can perform massaging in 12 modes. It can massage by rubbing, shiatsu, knocking, vibration, Tapping, kneading modes.

Users can also choose different combinations of massage according to their needs and requirement.

Users are provided with smart remotes that allow them to adjust various functions and intensity of the massage.

Airbags and rollers

It is equipped with multiple airbags for arms, back, legs, shoulder, hip, and feet.

The full body will be covered with Airbags for massaging. It is also provided with rollers for foot and back. Foot rollers can massage and scrape feet along with heating.

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Bluetooth connectivity

It has got Bluetooth connectivity, so users can connect to music and relax while massaging.

It is provided with an interactive remote that can work on voice command. This improves convenience while using it by providing a hassle-free experience.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Various modes of massaging.
  • Multiple airbags.
  • Stretchable recline.
  • Easy to use remote.


  • No linked armrest.
  • Expensive.

Final word

The premium chair released by JSW is a capsule-shaped massage chair that has interactive remote, BlueTooth music connectivity, and zero gravity recliner chair that is preferred by everyone.

So it is suitable to relieve stress and alleviate pain without any hassles, and for shop keepers or massage centers, saloon, or spa, this is the best massage chair in India.

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6. Future Massager massage chair 4D heating and rocking Massage chair

(Best 4D Heating & Rocking)

Future Massager massage chair 4D heating and rocking Massage chair

  • Latest Rubbing Function With Voice Command
  • 4D Patented Heavy Duty
  • Operate With Any Android & Ios
  • 6 with kneading, tapping rolling

Roboking plus Is one of the fastest-growing companies in India in the production of massage chairs.

Thus Future massager is a leader in the market and has released this patented massage chair newly.

This is a 4d massage chair that can efficiently improve the massaging experience.

Important features

It has features like 76 airbags, 4D technology, 6 rollers, compatibility with Android and iOS, and voice command. It is probably the best full body Zero Gravity Massage Chair in India.

4D technology

This 4d technology equipped massage chair has a body detecting ability, it can detect various body parts and enables deep and accurate massaging.

The zero-gravity feature enables smooth massaging. It has an L shape massage chair, unlike a traditional massage chair that gives a professional experience.

Airbags and rollers

This massage chair is provided with 76 airbags to massage all parts of the body without leaving any part.

This also gives a professional therapist experience. It is also provided with rollers for foot and back with heating technology for deep massaging.


It is compatible with both android and iOS systems and hence users can operate this massage chair through their phones.

Thus makes it more user-friendly and hence users can adjust modes, intensity, and duration of the massage through their phones.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity, so users can listen to music while having a massage hence makes it more convenient.


  • Compatible with both android and iOS.
  • Many airbags.
  • Auto detects body parts.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Very good massaging experience.


  • Not much.

Final words

Roboking future Massager is the best to massage full body chair in India of 2020 if you are willing to have a professional experience along with deep massaging.

It is also user friendly as it is compatible with phones. It can also be controlled by voice command which makes its use more easy and convenient.

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7. Spansure Classic 2D Massage Chair

(Another Great Product for Shop)

Spansure Classic 2D Massage Chair

Spansure massage chair is Manufactured by span sure medical instruments Pvt limited. Spansure Classic 2D Massage Chair is another great pick if you want a massage chair for service or shop.

This is useful for full body massage like any other massagers. It can be used to relax muscles and relieve stress.

Important features

It has features like zero gravity, extendable footrest, 28 airbags, rollers, SL shaped curved rail, and scientific design of massage position. All these features try to give enabled messaging experience.

SL shaped curved rai

This feature along with zero gravity enables massaging from head to leg, helps to maintain S-shaped vertebral curve that helps in relaxing the spine and relieves muscles.

Zero gravity along with zero space gives a floating feeling while massaging, unlike traditional massagers.

Airbags and rollers

It has 28 airbags that cover from shoulder to legs and give the best massaging possible. It is also provided with rollers that give deep massaging to the foot and back.

Extendable footrest

It has got extendable footrest even for upto 6 feet people making it convenient. It also is provided with a linkage armrest that allows users to massage their hands in a natural posture.

The armrest is designed to slide automatically according to the backrest making it user-friendly.


  • SL shaped curved rail.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Scientific design.
  • Zero gravity.
  • Maintains natural posture.


  • Cancellation not allowed after 24 hour of ordering.
  • Less airbags compared to others.

Final words

Spansure Classic 2D Massage Chair is suitable for everybody and can be placed anywhere.

It has features like linked armrests that make them more convenient. It can be used to alleviate pain and aches or to relax muscles and relieve stress. 

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8. HOPZ Beige Color PVC Material European Style Inflatable Small Sofa Electric

(Full Body Massager Chair Sets Pain Relief)

HOPZ Beige Color PVC Material European

  • Electric Massager Chair
  • It’s Not exactly the Massage Chair
  • European style sofa bed

Hopz is an emerging company in health-related equipment. This massage chair is inflatable and can be used for pain relief.

This is made of heavy PVC Material. It is more like European style sofa and this can be kept anywhere because of it’s small size.

Important features

It is more like a sofa bed than a full body massage chair and has features like a vibrating chair, inflatable body, remote, and pocket to keep remote.

Mode of massaging

It massages the whole body by vibrating the action of the chair. It eases relieving stress and relaxes the body.

Its vibrating function makes users feel their muscles and makes them stress-free and relieved.

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It can be used to relax muscles and to maintain good posture, to improve blood circulation, and also it aligns the spine and reduces pressure on nerves.

It is also known to stimulate the secretion of endorphins that stimulates sleep.


  • Easy to use.
  • Uses vibrating mode of massage.
  • Less expensive.
  • Less maintenance.


  • Not effective as full body massage chairs.
  • Does not have rollers and airbags.

Final word

If you are looking for a light massaging at a low cost, then HOPZ Beige Color PVC Material European could be the right option.

By its vibrating action it does the job of massaging neatly and it is easy to use this massage chair because of it’s simple design.

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Ultimate Guide to Choose the Ideal Massage Chair for You

If you have chosen your favorite or best Massage Chair from above then great, but if you’re still confused then this guide is something that’s gonna help you.

Types of massage chairs?

First thing first, let’s have a look at the types of massage chairs that are available in the market. Types of massage chairs available are recliner, zero gravity, full-body, ottoman, chair or seat pad type.

Let’s have a look at these in detail.


Alcanes Franklin Recliner chair

It is the most used and comparatively of less cost. It is a comfortable chair with many massage features suitable for anybody in a home.

Zero gravity

chair massager

This is the new trending chair option. In these chairs, the pressure from your legs and back will be taken off and your weight will be distributed evenly. It will give relief from back pain.

Full body

JSB MZ24 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Full body massager is similar to getting a massage from a therapist as it almost massages every part of the body bay it’s pre loaded technologies. So, it is also costly in terms of money.


This type will have a separate footstool along with a massage chair equipped with both massage rollers and airbags. It gives a more traditional look and experience.

Chair / Seat pad

Chair / Seat pad

Seat pads are just seats equipped with massage rollers to give a messaging experience.

If you don’t have a budget and space to buy a massage chair and keep it, then seating pads are your options. These are of low cost and you can attach it to your chairs.

Even though you may not get full massaging experience, these can be a go-to option for light massaging at your comfort.

Surprising Health Benefits of a massage chair

Surprising Health Benefits of a massage chair

Massage chair has many health benefits to the users using them which are as follows:

Alleviating the conditions of the Joints and Muscles

  • Arthritis: Massage therapy is an effective treatment for treating arthritis. Many doctors often recommend use of massage chairs for patients suffering from arthritis to improve their flexibility.
  • Back pain: Massage chairs are used by people to deal with back pain and have shown to have many other benefits that increase muscle flexibility and decrease muscle tension.
  • Knots: Knots in muscle are the condition when the muscle tightens. Massage Chairs can massage these knots and help to relieve them effectively.
  • Neck pain: Massage chairs can effectively relieve pain in the neck and give relief from chronic neck pain.
  • Shoulder pain: Massage Chairs are equipped with airbags for shoulder massaging that can loosen muscles to give relief to the shoulder.
  • Posture: Massage Chairs can effectively improve the flexibility and strength of back muscles and help users to improve their posture to a greater extent.

Balancing hormonal conditions

  • Diabetes: Massage therapy is known to improve the insulin absorption of massaging is done at injection sites. Thus can greatly help diabetic people to keep insulin levels at check.

Improve conditions of the nervous system

  • Fibromyalgia: Massage therapy can help fibromyalgia patients by decreasing the production of stress hormones and increasing the production of serotonin.
  • Sciatica: Massage Chairs with Ottomans are recommended for people suffering from Sciatica that can help them to get rid of leg pain to a greater extent.

Regulating blood pressure and hypertension

  • Hypertension: People with hypertension can be prone to various other diseases. So use of massage Chairs can reduce Heart rate and stress levels and can also reduce hypertension.
  • Increased blood flow: Massage chairs are known to improve blood flow in their users from children to elders and thereby helping them to cope with many other problems.

Improves mental health conditions

  • Reduce anxiety: Massage chairs are a great option for those suffering from anxiety and depression as these can relieve muscles and help them to relax and overcome anxiety.
  • Relaxation: The major function of the Massage chair is to relax your muscles and body. This is a great investment if you wish to relax on a comfortable chair after a heavy day at work.
  • Stress reduction: As we all know massage chairs can relax muscles, it can greatly help to reduce stress if you are working in a stressful environment and want to destress yourself.

Things you need to keep in mind


Massage chairs are costly and are not easily affordable. Even though it is costly, it is worth every rupee spent on it. So, let’s check how much it would cost to get a massage from a therapist.

Massage therapist vs Massage chair

On an average a massage for one hour from a therapist would cost around 5000 Rs. If you are going once in two weeks to a therapist, then it would be around 10000 rs per month.

If this continues for a year then it would be around 1,20,000 Rs. Per Year. At the cost of 1.5 years given to a therapist, you can buy a massage chair.

And also massage chairs last for more than a year and you can have massages daily at the comfort of your home, anytime. So, this would be good justification for you to buy a massage chair.


Unlike booking a therapist, driving there, waiting for an appointment time to get a massage, if you have a massage chair you need not think of this. It is accessible anytime and for any duration in your home itself. So it would be convenient if you have a massage chair. You can have the massage and relax at any time without any thoughts.

Features of a massage chair

1. Shape: Generally there are two shapes systems which are S and L shapes. In most chairs, it is of S type, in this rollers run up and down your back following the spine’s curvature. Whereas in L type it will be rollers covering both back and the seat beneath you.

2. Intensity: It is the speed at which you want to get a massage. Not all massage Chairs come with variable intensities. So, if you want to have varied intensity of massage depending on your requirement, then go for one with variable intensities.

3. Memory: Some chairs have a memory function in which once you have used the massage chair, it will remember the settings you made like intensity, duration and style of massage.

4. Heat: Heat can improve the relief from pain. As heat can stimulate the sensors that can block the pain signals. So heating can offer more relief.

5. Body scan technology: This technology helps to scan the body and it tailors your massage according to your body requirements. Manual mode: In this, you will have full control over your message, but not all massage chairs are like this, so check before you buy.

6. Remote control: Almost all massage chairs come with remotes but they could be connected to chairs or wireless. So check for remote on how you want to control.

7. Bluetooth speakers: Some chairs come with built-in Bluetooth speakers. This can help you connect to music while massaging that can improve the massaging experience.

8. Size: Massage Chairs are of varying sizes, so check whether it can fit in your room or to the place where you want to keep it.

9. Coverage: Massagers can massage different parts of the body, so if you want to get a massage for any part in particular then you can choose a particular massaging chair depending on your requirement.

10. Warranty: At last, check for the warranty of the product like does it cover all parts and for how many years?.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a massage chair do?

Massage chair can massage using various technologies to relax your Muscles.

Are massage chairs effective?

Yes, they are effective to help overcome many health-related benefits.

How long can you use a massaging chair for?

It is recommended to use for 15 to 20 minutes for a twice a day. Since using it for long duration can cause sores in muscles.

Is it okay to use massage Chair Regularly?

Yes, it is okay to use massage chairs regularly. It helps to improve blood circulation and relieve muscles.

Can I use a massage chair with a pacemaker?

No. Generally massage chairs are equipped with magnets, so they can affect the performance of pacemaker adversely. So generally it is not recommended to use.

Is it okay to use massage chair for pregnant women?

Depends on the massage chair you are using. If the massage chair are of vibrating type, then it is not recommended to use, since it can stimulate pressure points leading to premature labor.

Can massage chairs hurt your back?

Initially while using massage chair, your back may hurt, since because of massaging your back muscles will become active. So in first week it may hurt a little but later you will be used to it.

Final Words

I hope you’ve already chosen the best Massager chair for you, if yes, then great, but if you still face any problem or have any doubt then you can comment below.

If you want one in this list of best massage chairs in India to be selected then Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate would be the best option for you as it has all the features that one good Massager chair should have.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends to let them know about these chairs who need it. And keep visiting priceunder for other products related to massage.

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