Top 10 Best Carrom Board Under Rs. 2,000 & 3,000 (Pack of 4)

Do you still remember when we use play Carrom boards with all our family members and friends?

Back those were days I really enjoyed and reminding those days is really good, if you’re the one is looking for carrom board under Rs. 2,000 and 3,000 then you this post is something for you only.

The market is full of different kinds of Carrom Boards and this is if you’re going to buy any Carrom Board then you should always look for best one, not any other nondurable waste carrom board.

There are many reasons why should you buy carrom board, the biggest reason is spending more time with our family, If you can’t spend time with your family then there is no use of your living as family is a most important part in our life so Carrom Board is something that could help you with that.

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Today, we are hereafter summering up some of the best exclusive pieces of the best Carrom Boards that come under Rs.2,000 and also Under Rs.3,000, you can select any of you want.

Best Carrom Boards Under Rs. 2,000

So, these are some carrom Boards that are below 2000, I recommend that if your budget is tight then you should go with below 2000 price range only but if you can afford some higher and want more durability then you can go with below 3000 range.

1. Tryviz Finish 26 Inch(Medium)

(Overall Best Product Under 2,000)

Tryviz Finish 26 Inch

  • Pack of 4(Powder, Stricker)
  • Surface Material: Wooden
  • Medium Size

Quick Features

1. This is probably the best Carrom board that comes under Rs. 2,000 and this is why recommend this Carrom board must be your first choice.

2. Available on Flipkart you will get 80 Super coins and many other discount if you purchase it right now.

3. It comes with all 4 packs where you will get all pieces, stricker, Powder, and board of course.

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  • Pack of 4
  • Wooden Material
  • Good Condition Nets


  • Medium Size
  • Nothing else

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2. rkp Carrom Board(Medium)

(Best Medium-Sized Board)

rkp Carrom Board

  • Get Pack of 1
  • Wooden Material
  • 26Inch Height

Quick Features

1. You will get a Wonderful Carrom Board under Under Rs. 2,000 as you will get medium-sized wonderful Carrom Board.

2. You will get a very good Material that you must love as wooden material is you gonna love.

3. One thing which I didn’t like is that you will not get Powder to make your pieces faster.


  • Wooden Material
  • 26 inch
  • Lightweight


  • Powder Not included

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3. Kimi Carrom Board(Medium)

(Shiny High Gloss Finish)

Kimi Carrom Board

  • 26 Inches
  • With Coin, Striker
  • Wood Plastic

Quick Features

1. Kimi is another great pick for below price 2000 carrom boards and would be a great choice if you want medium size carrom Board

2. Kimi Carrom is known for its smooth and shinning play surface and where you will get good re-bounce.

3. You will get clear and cool warping when you purchase this product from Flipkart and is a very popular sports brand.


  • Yellow Color
  • Wooden Cool look coins
  • Cool looking stricker


  • Only 1 Pack

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4. kajal toys Board(Medium)

(Gloss Finish Carrom Board)

kajal toys Board

  • Multicolor Carrom
  • Board 26 Inches
  • Board Coins Stricker & Boric Powder

Quick Features

1. What you will like most about this carrom board is that you will get wonderful Gloss Finish Board with wooden Stuff.

2. Wooden Gloss Finish is something that everyone must love with any carrom board and you too gonna love it.

3. This board is bit heavy with 5.5KG of weight but is not that bad.

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5. Shree Carrom Board(Medium)

(Best Wooden Quality)

Shree Carrom Board

  • Multicolor
  • Board + Pieces(Coins)
  • 26 Inch height

Quick Features

1. You might wonder that all these products are from desi companies but there is no harm in that as Carrom board original generated in India only.

2. There are very few brands but they all are expensive for pro kind of players not for those who want to play with family or friends

3. This is another awesome Board that you may love.


  • Quality Product
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not that good looking
  • Balance may get lost

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Top 5 Best carrom boards Under Rs. 3,000

These are Full-sized 32 inches, carrom board, if you’re kind of professional then you should go one of these.

1. SMT 32 Inch(Full)

(Best overall under 3000)

SMT 32 Inch

  • 4 in One Pack
  • 2 different powders
  • Wooden Material

Quick Features

1. SMT Carrom Board is another great Smooth Playing Surface that comes with Excellent Re-Bounce and sturdy Reinforcement.

2. You will definitely gonna love Flatness and Prevent Warping, of this Carrom Board.

3. This Carrom Board is made of Assam’s Best Plywood Board where you will get complete durable material.

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2. Tryviz Finish 32 Inch

(With Coins Striker Powder)

Tryviz Finish 32 Inch

  • Brown Wooden Color
  • Medium Size
  • 6Kg Weight

Quick Features

1. Tryviz is another company that is quite popular in making these Board Games and Famous for making Carrom Board.

2. You will definitely gonna love the Full-sized 32 inches board under 3000 price.

3. You will get a pack of three with powder so, don’t worry whether you do not get any in-game

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3. PINAKI Full Size Board

(Awesome design looking)

PINAKI Full Size Board

  • Wooden material
  • Gloss Finish
  • 3 Pack

Quick Features

1. If you’re looking for below 3,000 full-sized Board this is gonna be the best choice for you.

2. You will get the best re-bounce with sturdy reinforcement that will enhance your game style.

3. No matter you’re playing with friends or family or anybody you won’t face any kind of problem.

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4. SST High Quality(32 Inch)

(High-Quality Carrom Board)

SST High Quality

  • Brown Color
  • 32 Inch Fully Size
  • Pack of One

Quick Features

1. One thing which you definitely gonna love about this carrom board is that of its quality, its probably the best quality Product.

2. It has Wooden Material which will give you gloss finish.

3. You will get Pack of 1 will give you only one Carrom Board, and Coins not power.

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5. Bronx Carrom- Perfect(Full)

(Perfect Under this Price)

Bronx Carrom- Perfect

  • Multicolor
  • Wooden Material
  • Full 32 Inches Pack of One

Quick Features

This is probably the best Carrom Board under Rs. 3,000, why didn’t place at first is because I don’t know.

But this one is best in almost all things only one thing which isn’t that good is it is Pack of One.

Even quality and material, design and balance everything is really good and you will like it.

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Final Words

This was the list of Best Carrom Boards in India that comes under Rs. 2,000 and 3,000 if you have any doubt or want personal suggestion then you can always contact us on the Contact page.

And don’t forget to share these gorgeous carrom boards with your friends, so they can also choose their favorite.

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